Creative Visualisation is the skill of your subconscious mind to manifest our intentions using our imagination and mental pictures. By creating powerful mental images in our mind’s eye, we can enhance the ability of our subconscious mind to focus on our desires.

Which of our treatments can best help you learn about creative visualisation?

Creative Visualisation is simply the act of imagining. Some compare it to daydreaming, but the crucial difference is that visualisation is directed and structured to enable specific benefits. Images more easily influence the power of the subconscious compared to words, so visualisation is a fast way of actualising desires.

How to use Creative Visualisation

Focus on seeing the future we wish to have. See ourselves immersed in the specific details of the future we desire. Do not limit ourselves to things we find too ambitious; just focus on seeing them. We can get whatever we want using creative visualisation.

When this is done over a more extended time (such as a few months), the subconscious has created an excellent visual image to manifest what we have imagined within our visualisations.

Perhaps try combining creative visualisations with affirmations to implement effects on the subconscious at an even faster rate. Align ourselves with the vibration of the universe and enrich our life with what we desire.

Most of us make the mistake of daydreaming about what we lack in our lives. This is an example of the kind of negative thought pattern that can inhibit us from actualising the potential of our desires. Instead, we must actively visualise positive images regularly and structured, which will enable us to manifest what we want.

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