We tend to think of trauma as something extreme like going to war or suffering from a bad injury which is terrible, but there are a lot of minor traumas that we pick up throughout our lives. In every situation you have been in, there was an opportunity for trauma; you only had to experience pain when doing something, sometimes not even that; a child can so easily take it the wrong way and feel terrible.


A common belief in psychology is that if you want your child to grow up secure, you should never tell them “no”. Even a simple no can have an impact. These traumas can happen to anyone, even if you have a brilliant upbringing, because it is your perspective and how you react to the situations that determine whether you become a happy adult or a damaged adult.

When we are taught to be inauthentic and not be true to ourselves, our self-esteem begins to plummet. We start to feel unworthy and lose the feeling of wholeness. We begin to find things outside of ourselves to fill the hole; alcohol, drugs, medication, anything that can be used to numb the trauma inside. This never works; it is fleeting and often leads people to depression.

Human beings are all born whole. Babies don’t want to cause harm; they feel accepted and live in complete peace. This is the natural state of human beings; we instinctively want to be happy and feel good, no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in. But this is sometimes taken away from us in modern society. The people around us may not want to cause us harm, but people often unknowingly cause deep emotional trauma to others. 

People have to realize that they felt good, respected, and cared for at one point in their lives. You can only get these feelings back by learning you are doing it yourself now; you are making yourself feel bad. Otherwise, you will live a life of escapism and suffering.

There has to be a better way

Most of us have been brainwashed and live with past trauma daily; you may be so addicted to living like this that you think this is just who you are. This isn’t the case. To get back to the state of wholeness, we have to stop escaping and find out what story we are telling ourselves deep in our subconscious.

Ask yourself, right now, “why am I not enough”. Something may come up, a parent who abused, a friend who mocked you, whatever the reason, it is crucial that you find it. Sometimes there is too much resistance around the trauma; in this case, the best thing you can do is find out what scares you? What kind of people make you feel stifled? This will give you a hint at what beliefs are running your life.

Ar Holistic Therapies is a new school of thought designed to help combat this epidemic of mental suffering growing in modern society. The philosophy behind these treatments is that positivity is the only solution to all of the problems in the world. If at first, you fix yourself, you will project positivity outward. On the flip side, negativity is seen as the cause of all the suffering in life, like a virus spreading from a person’s mind and into the world through their words and actions.

Ar Holistic therapies can potentially prevent disaster from occurring as more people will have cheerful mindsets and more positive beliefs about the world, much like their children. Curing this negativity in people would improve communities all across the globe. It is easy, cheap and fast, it doesn’t involve any drugs, and it isn’t invasive. It’s just you and your mind.

How can we heal negativity?

Negative mental conditioning has been a massive part of many people’s upbringings. It is a huge problem, and traditionally you’re assumed to be a wimp if you talk about your feelings or don’t just man up and get over your problems. But it’s much more complicated than that; people try this for a while, and they begin to feel miserable, taught to repress their feelings and thoughts, stuffing them down until they forget about it. But the feeling it creates is still there. Escaping, finding courage or ignoring it hasn’t worked, and holistic therapy may be the only thing many people haven’t tried. But which type of holistic therapy? Understandably, someone who is new to this might be sceptical. After all, they believe things on the outside of themselves can heal them. So an approach is needed that takes them by the hand and shows them how to do it.

Guided meditation can be brilliant for this as it designed to be for beginners, all the way up to advanced meditators. It teaches people how to dive deep into themselves to find what makes them feel empty, which beliefs are holding them back and then these are brought to the surface. Guided meditation releases these negative beliefs. Using external stimuli to cover up the pain isn’t working; although this may feel comforting at first, the fact that you are running away from yourself further decreases your self-esteem and confidence. As Guided meditation is consistently practised to remove trauma, you will feel like you are not changing. This is good; this means the change is permanent. You will only realise when you think back to how much anxiety and anger you had six months ago and notice how much you’ve changed.

Guided meditation allows you to sit with yourself to see what is holding you back fully, notice what thoughts have been on repeat for years, and see what beliefs have kept you, prisoner. The mental movies that have been playing in the back of your head since childhood could still be there, and it is so easy to get used to them being there, not knowing that they are causing a lot of suffering. Most have forgotten how good it feels to let loose and be free fully; most won’t ever feel this way again.

With guided meditation, a coach will be there to make sure you’re doing the process correctly and going deep enough into your subconscious after negative beliefs have been released. More positive ones with being put in their place to give you a more accurate view of the world and yourself. This will quite literally set you free from yourself. People think they need to do more to achieve their goals, more work, and more techniques, but if self-sabotage stops you, what is the point. Fixing this first is the key; find out what your barrier to success is and wonder why you have them; why don’t you deserve more? Guided meditation can help remove self-sabotage and give you a more positive life to share with the world around you.

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