Which of our treatments can best help you with realization?

One aspect of our life that we do not consider enough is our ability to develop realisations. In modern society, we devalue the power of realisation and how important it can be to our life. If we seek to understand how important the concept of realisation is for us as humans, we should look back into the past. In Greek tragedy, a critical plot point is the ‘anagnorisis’ or moment of realisation upon which everything changes for the character. This illustrates how essential the concept of realisation is to us as individuals and how fundamentally it can impact our life.

We need to wake up to the power of our minds to make realisations and our ability to discern realisations from what others tell us. This means being wise, curious and engaged with other people, as well as with our minds. We can successfully achieve this with ease, but patience is required in the development of realisations.

Stagnation and The Inability to Make Realisations

Suppose you fail to understand the importance of realisations, ignoring signs and pieces of advice from other people. In that case, you might find that your life pauses in stagnation, the ignorance you have expressed halting your intuitive mind from directing you correctly. As a result, we must listen to both our rational mind and the world around us is coming to realisations that we need. We should question why we resist realisations that become present in our life. Perhaps you don’t even believe in realisations as anything more than the mind working things out over time – ultimately, it’s essential to believe whatever you feel. But remember this, it is straightforward to be cynical and sceptical, but it is hard to accept and place curiosity into something you cannot prove or verify. Believing that we receive realisations for a reason is highly powerful.

Sometimes we resist coming to realisations because they might be ugly or unpleasant truths that we have fought knowing about. Ultimately, we must face reality and, in doing so, accept realisations if we want to move on with our lives peacefully and happily. Facing up to things which we struggle to get is the most crucial aspect of completion that we must acknowledge. Without the ability to form realisations, we cannot grow and learn about ourselves and others and have awareness for the world around us and its functioning. Realisations help shape our knowledge and understanding of reality.

Guided Meditation

This technique holds the tools that allow us to have realisations that penetrate deep into the psyche and grow as people. By practising guided meditation, you will become more familiar with yourself and the world around you, and in turn, will learn deeply as you grow. Guided meditation is a multifaceted tool in terms of realisation, for it lets you discern actualities about yourself and others while also allowing you to grow towards acceptance of the realisations you have. It is only through searching within that we can come to love and accept the truths we face wholeheartedly and without fear. 

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