One aspect of our life that we do not consider enough is our ability to develop realizations. In modern society, we devalue the power of realization and how important it can be to our life. If we seek to understand how important the concept of realization is for us as humans, we should look back into the past. In Greek tragedy, a critical plot point is the ‘anagnorisis’ or moment of realization upon which everything changes for the character. This illustrates how essential the concept of realization is to us as individuals and how fundamentally it can impact our life.

We need to wake up to the power of our minds to make realizations and our ability to discern realizations from what others tell us. This means being wise, curious, and engaged with other people, as well as with our minds. We can successfully achieve this with ease, but patience is required in the development of realizations.

Which of our treatments can best help you with realization?

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