Finding a sense of control in our lives can be so highly beneficial to us in the way we live and in the way we treat other people. Being able to exert our control provides confidence and security while allowing us to posit appropriate boundaries and behave with awareness for others too. Developing control over our own lives will enable us to overcome problems with a mind over matter approach, ensuring we are indeed the masters of our destiny.

Which of our treatments can best help you understand the power of control?

  • Meditation
  • Guided Meditation
  • Self-development

Control Over Thoughts

When we learn to control our thoughts, we instantaneously gain power over our minds. Our beliefs inform our speech and action, so becoming aware of our thoughts and their impact is significant. We can gain skills such as this through mindfulness and guided meditation (see the end).

When we have a mind, which is clear of insignificant and negative thoughts, we will be compelled to act with positivity far more often, serving us well in multiple ways. Seeing through what has caused us pain and focusing on what we want and need is so good for us as individuals.

Control Over Emotions and Reactions

Being able to control our emotions and reactions is an equally powerful tool that we need in life. Learning to focus on what is most essential and not overreact to unideal situations will help us process events better and prevent us from making simple mistakes due to being led by our emotions. Learning to cope with emotions in a constructive way, which can also be done through mental exercises, is imperative to handle these things better.

Control Over Choices and Decisions

Once we control our emotions and reactions, our minds will be far more precise and calmer. When we have clarity in our mind, we will find making choices and decisions a far easier concept. Evaluating and rationalising our ideas without being swayed by outside opinions is imperative to our sense of self-control. When we have attained these concepts, we will have control over our own choices and decisions, making them happy.

Control Over Behaviour and Purpose

When we understand the impact of controlling our thoughts and emotions and reflecting on our choices and decisions, we can see how our behaviour and purpose are fuelled by self-control. When we have control of everything else within our lives, our sense of purpose will become apparent and with it, we will understand how our behaviours reflect.

Not Having Control & Its Effects

When we fail to control our lives, it can result in a slew of negative things, such as poor mental health, bad habits, being led astray by people with bad intentions, and being taken advantage of. When we learn to take control, perhaps through an act such as guided meditation which teaches us about ourselves and how we can turn inwards to learn lessons of a personal nature, we can develop a happier lifestyle altogether.

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