Ar Girls Circles Bradford envisions a harmonious and empowered community where young girls flourish spiritually, morally, and socially. Our mission is to provide enriching religious and Dhikr workshops, spiritual experiences, and social gatherings to nurture their moral and spiritual development. Through our efforts, we aim to inspire these girls to become confident, compassionate, and socially responsible individuals contributing positively to our community and the world.

Our dedicated ensemble of mentors, therapists, coaches, and enthusiastic volunteers passionately collaborate to bring this inspiring project to life. The goal is to draw closer to Allah, seek His forgiveness, and attain a heightened state of spiritual consciousness and mindfulness. These gatherings vary in format and intensity, occurring in mosques, homes, or other suitable venues.

Zikr gatherings foster spiritual connection, inner peace, and a stronger relationship with Allah. They purify the heart and soul, seek forgiveness for sins, and deepen understanding of faith. Dhikr maintains a close connection with Allah, acknowledges His presence in daily life, strengthens faith, cleanses the heart, provides emotional and mental well-being, and fosters community unity. It follows the example of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) and safeguards against negativity while preparing for the afterlife and enhancing gratitude.

Dhikr can take various forms, including repeating specific phrases or names of Allah, reciting Quranic verses, and more. Different Islamic traditions and Sufi orders may have specific practices and rituals associated with Dhikr.

Ar Girls Circles Bradford boasts a dedicated ensemble of mentors, therapists, coaches, and enthusiastic volunteers, all passionately collaborating to bring this inspiring project to life.

Small talks and workshops on positive thinking and self-development offer numerous benefits:

Improved Mental Well-being: Stress reduction and enhanced resilience.

Increased Confidence: Boosted self-esteem and positive self-talk.

Better Relationships: Improved communication and empathy.

Goal Achievement: Goal-setting and increased motivation.

Increased Productivity: Time management and focus.

Career Advancement: Skill enhancement and networking.

Enhanced Creativity: Stimulated creativity and problem-solving.

Personal Fulfilment: Increased happiness and life satisfaction.

Stress Reduction: Mindfulness and relaxation techniques.

Team Building: Improved communication skills.

For organizations, investing in such programs can lead to a more engaged, motivated, and productive workforce.

Gatherings and workshops promoting harmony, brotherhood, and global betterment have several needs and benefits:


Promoting Understanding: Breaking down stereotypes and prejudices.

Conflict Resolution: Resolving religious, ethnic, or geopolitical conflicts.

Awareness and Education: Educating about global issues.

Networking: Collaborating for global improvement.

Inspiration: Encouraging action for a better world.


Building Trust and Relationships: Fostering unity and cooperation.

Problem-Solving: Developing innovative solutions.

Empowerment: Motivating action for positive change.

Unity and Solidarity: Emphasizing a shared responsibility.

Cultural Exchange: Enriching understanding of different cultures.

Advocacy and Awareness: Raising public support and action.

Peace and Conflict Resolution: Promoting harmony and brotherhood.

Organized social gatherings serve important purposes:

Social Interaction: Strengthening social bonds and forming connections.

Networking: Facilitating professional connections.

Celebrations: Marking significant milestones.

Community Building: Fostering community ties.

Education and Awareness: Sharing knowledge.

Entertainment: Providing recreation and cultural experiences.

Fundraising: Supporting charitable causes.

Political and Civic Engagement: Encouraging public participation.

Team Building: Enhancing teamwork and morale.

Cultural Exchange: Promoting tolerance and diversity.

Mental Health and Well-being: Reducing loneliness and stress.

The absence of educational, motivational, and social gatherings for young people can have significant consequences:

Limited Knowledge and Skills: Hindering personal and professional growth.

Decreased Motivation: Affecting ambition and goal-setting.

Social Isolation: Leading to loneliness and depression.

Increased Risk Behaviours: Encouraging risky actions.

Lower Self-Esteem: Contributing to self-worth issues.

Reduced Networking Opportunities: Hindering connections.

Missed Career Development: Impeding career progress.

Negative Impact on Mental Health: Increasing stress and anxiety.

Reduced Civic Engagement: Diminishing community involvement.

Long-Term Economic Impact: Resulting in instability.

In conclusion, prioritizing educational, motivational, and social gatherings is crucial for the well-being and success of young people and communities as a whole.