Overthinking occurs in all of us from time to time, usually influenced by stress of situations of uncertainty that cause our minds to experience an influx of unhelpful thoughts. Sometimes we worry about everything, even things we know are entirely irrational. The first step in handling overthinking is to understand that it is only a thought; there is nothing to support our irrational thoughts or suggest that they might come true. We need to have faith in the fact that our thoughts are just that, thoughts.

Which of our treatments can best help you address overthinking?

While it can seem an impossible prospect, the most important way of resolving to overthink is by learning to overcome and control our thought processes to prevent future overthinking. Regaining a handle on our thoughts is a surprisingly liberating experience.

How to Recognise Overthinking

To question whether your thoughts are contributing to this panicking, negative state of mind. If you are experiencing feelings of panic or fear which seem uncontrollable or that you feel will be imminently out of control, you may want to analyse the root of this issue. It helps to be able to explore your thoughts, a tool developed through mindfulness. Through analysis of your thoughts, you can form greater awareness of how your thoughts are affecting you.

Catastrophising thoughts are thoughts that lead you to assume that the worst possible circumstances will come about. This can quickly spiral into a pattern of negative thought that controls your life, and every thought will catastrophise your next move. Losing control of the rationality and realism of your thoughts can be scary. Still, it doesn’t necessarily indicate a more significant problem; you may be experiencing a period of stress, have a ruminating mind, or suffer from an anxiety disorder.

How to Handle Overthinking

The key to overcoming overthinking is to regain control of your thoughts. Mindfulness techniques are what best does this. Handling stress can be done through breathing techniques that regulate and calm or through positive affirmations, ensuring the situation finding resolve. The other effective mindfulness technique that is well worth attempting is guided meditation.

Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is a highly effective tool to battle overthinking. It allows us to view our thoughts from a more distanced, rational perspective that provides peace of mind and a solid ability to separate real from fantasy. Often we are our own worst enemy, and getting out of our heads, per se, and viewing things from a new perspective can be the best way of understanding why our problems take hold of us. Especially with overthinking, which can take hold and cause us to spiral into negativity or cause us to hide in fear of things that are not going to happen. Using guided meditation with a trained professional will, over time, primarily improve an overthinking problem.

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