We will struggle to live peacefully if we suffer from inner resistance. An inability to move with the ebb and flow of life prevents us from growing and creates stagnation. Despite this, there are plenty of reasons why we might experience inner resistance, and we can work towards improving our resistance.

Which of our treatments can best help you with inner resistance?

  • Guided Mediation

Often, when we are trying to improve ourselves, we face inner resistance. It is hard to change from thought patterns to habits, and the journey can be demoralising and overwhelming. The real challenge is to recognise how our inner resistance prevents our growth and inhibits our ability to develop further. Most of the time, we are our own worst enemy.

Accepting Reality

When we have experienced trauma or faced great adversity, our ability to accept reality can be warped. For this reason, we may find it easier to lie to ourselves or refuse to admit the truth regarding specific events or ideas we have been exposed to. Our difficulty in accepting reality may make things harder, but we must remember that what we have been through is not our fault and that we need to get to facts to forgive ourselves and move on. It is this kind of self-loving practice which allows our inner resistance to stop.

While it can be hard to face the truth and accept reality, we must grow and move past what scares or holds us back. Acceptance goes hand in hand with inner non-resistance. When we can face events and situations head-on, we can grow past them.

Finding Peace despite Resistance

Regardless, we cannot always find ourselves at peace; this is just a side-effect of the chaos of life. We can only find true inner peace when we venture into non-resistance. We must relinquish our mental ties to things that cause us harm and hold us back. There are ways we can help ourselves to find peace despite inner resistance.

Activities like journaling and visualisation can alleviate the stresses caused by inner resistance. They can also aid our understanding of why and what we are resisting and its processes. Over time, finding peace through such methods can help us learn not to fight when things are difficult. We cannot live in fear of everything, or we will never grow.

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