A vision board is helpful in the practice of visualisation, allowing us to attain our goals. Using a vision board is powerful because it serves as inspiration for the goals you set and provides a tangible idea of how it will feel to achieve what you want. Using images to achieve our goals is a further step in programming our subconscious mind to manifest our ideal reality through optimistic thinking. Visual stimulation is essential in the process of positive thinking and self-development, strengthening the emotional attachment to the ideal you envision.

Which of our treatments can best help you create a vision board ?

A vision board can work hand in hand with the Law of Attraction to bring our goals to fruition. Writing down when we create our vision board will likely be shocked by how fast the universe can propel us into our ideal future. 

How to create a vision board that depicts your ideal future?

We are using pictures that symbolise or illustrate the experiences, emotions, and possessions we wish to attract. Be as creative as we like in placing them on the board, and feel free to use images from any source that inspires us. We may choose to include a picture of ourselves on the board, preferably a happy picture, which will bind the idea of ourselves to the positive future we are attracting. We can include affirmations, words and quotations as well. Put on our board what makes you feel good. We can be as broad or as specific as you like in defining the dreams we have for the future. One strength of the vision board is that it is entirely customisable to our particular situation and the ideals we hold dear. Try to achieve a sense of clarity in what we want to attract using our vision board. Often the most effective visual stimuli are the simplest.

Tips for using the vision board:

  • Read your affirmations out loud regularly.
  • Visualise the content of your vision board before bed. The time before you sleep is compelling in affecting the subconscious mind, improving the vibrational frequency with which we attract what we desire.
  • Allow ourselves to believe that we already have what we want.
  • Believe that our ability to visualise our dreams will catalyse their creation.
  • Visualise ourselves within the lifestyle we depict on our vision board.
  • Express gratitude for the good within our life.
  • Do not remove things from our vision board once we have achieved them, and they can serve as powerful reminders of what we can do with the power of our consciousness and how you can attract what we desire into our life.
  • Create a new vision board yearly so that as we grow on our journey of self-development, we can continue to express our belief in the law of attraction and its ability to work hand in hand with our minds. we can look back on it and see our achievements.
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