The attribute of consistency can, on the surface, appear a confusing one. How can we attain it? How is consistency maintained? It is a trait that seems both intangible and abstract while also highly desired as a characteristic. To behave consistently simply means acting in a way that does not vary, to have a standard to which you always hold yourself.

Consistency is an admirable trait both in personal and business relationships, for it makes us accountable, responsible, and dependable. This can advance our reputation both personally and in situations that require us to maintain and uphold a certain tone of behaviour.

Which of our treatments can best help you with consistency?

  • Mindfulness
  • Affirmations
  • Guided meditation

The act of consistency can be challenging for some, as it requires self-discipline and an awareness of our actions, which can often be challenging to see. Maintaining a sense of consistency in character may require self-work, for example, mindfulness exercises that promote self-awareness and clarity, enabling us to find a pattern of behaviour that is beneficial to us and allows us to hold ourselves to that standard repeatedly.

Developing Consistency

When we actively try to develop a habit, for example, consistency, it can at first seem impossible. While any self-work requires patience and the willingness to act repetitively with ourselves, the benefits which can be reaped certainly outweigh the time it needs to develop such skills. Try some of these techniques to build consistency of character through mindfulness:

The act of mindfulness itself allows us to live in the moment. Often the ability to develop a habit successfully relies simply on gaining awareness. Even if they do not last long, having brief periods of attention can enable you to create greater overall understanding. Suppose we stop, even for a short time, and analyse our thoughts, emotions, and motivations. In that case, we will gradually allow ourselves to act with far more general awareness for our behaviours and decisions. This is essential for developing consistency through the ability to monitor our personal development as we gain understanding.

Affirmations could also be beneficial for improving consistency. By describing some positive traits or traits associated with the character and using them to instil into our subconscious the idea of behaving consistently and altering our habits for the better, we can make positive changes within our nature. This may seem strange or abstract as a concept. Still, it works by using the repetition of positive phrases to improve the psyche and personality to benefit the individual over time by realigning your mentality with your intention. This will, in time, enable you to display far greater consistency.

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