While we continually strive to be better people, who consider others before ourselves, there is a substantial argument for self-awareness and only allowing ourselves to be kind to the extent that does not harm ourselves. Remember that it is essential that you give as much as you take in your relationships. To be more a ‘giver’ or a ‘taker’ disrupts the balance of your connection, ultimately leaving one of you short-changed.

Which of our treatments can best help you be kind to others?

Others Take Advantage of You

We never want to believe it of people we love, but it is straightforward to be taken advantage of in all relationships. If we are too kind to friends, they will load their problems onto us. If we are too forgiving in relationships, we will let them get away with too much that hurts us. If we are too kind to colleagues, they will take advantage of your niceness and offload their work onto us. We must be careful about who we give our best to and how much we get in return because even though kindness is the answer, people are always going to want to take advantage of that.

Wanting to Please Others

Some people want to please other people more than others. We need to realise that striking a balance is the correct way of living. There are many reasons why you might want to please others, some of them healthy and others not, but we need self-awareness and recognition of when enough is enough.

Neglecting Yourself

We need to learn to take care of ourselves first and foremost. This can be hard when we have pulled in so many different directions by our relationships and minds. Are you looking after your interests above those of others? Are you taking care of yourself? Keeping well, remaining happy, and facing our challenges are all essential components of success in our own lives.

The Causes

What makes us neglect ourselves? What could compel us to be so kind that we become taken advantage of? Is there a reason that you needlessly seek to please other people all the time, such as validation or fear of losing people? We need to recognise why we are so compelled to behave in a way that does not benefit us. Finding the root of these issues can help us detach from unhealthy cycles within our relationships, allowing us to be taken advantage of.

Finding Balance and Guided Meditation

While we must exhibit kindness to everybody, allowing ourselves the freedom to feel comfortable and at peace, ourselves is equally important. Learning to balance these is imperative to us successfully navigating life.

Taking time for yourself is crucial in the development of good self-esteem and an optimistic outlook. As a result, we must invest in quality time to look inwards. Guided meditation provides the opportunity to turn inwards and develop a more significant relationship with the self, allowing for more positive relationships once we understand ourselves.

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