Ar Girls Circles Bradford is a community-based passion project devoted to supporting and empowering young girls through a diverse range of programs and services.

Founded by Mohammed Arshad and located in Bradford, Ar Girls Circles takes a holistic approach to nurturing the next generation of female leaders. From career coaching and cooking classes to sports activities and marriage counseling, Ar Girls Circles provides young girls with the tools they need to realize their full potential. By fostering skills development, confidence building, and community engagement, the organization aims to create a brighter future for the young women of Bradford.

Now, let’s explore what’s available to nurture these aspiring leaders.

Empowering Future Leaders:
With a bold vision to ignite every girl’s potential, Ar Girls Circles provides programs to foster personal growth and empowerment. Read more about Ar Girls Circles.

Career Coaching Support:
As part of its mission to nurture future female leaders, Ar Girls Circles offers career coaching to help girls pursue their professional aspirations. Learn more about our career coaching services on this page.

Dealing with Childhood Issues:
Recognizing that emotional resilience is key for young girls, Ar Girls Circles offers counseling and therapy for the diverse challenges they face growing up. Read about our childhood counseling services.

Marriage Counseling and Mediation:
Through its holistic support services, Ar Girls Circles provides marriage counseling and mediation to strengthen couples’ relationships. For details check our relationship counseling services.

Cooking Classes:
To encourage proper nutrition and creativity, Ar Girls Circles holds engaging cooking classes for young girls. Check our schedule for upcoming cooking classes.

Dealing with Addiction:
As part of its comprehensive support system, Ar Girls Circles helps girls overcome substance abuse and addiction. Learn about our addiction treatment services.

Dealing with Crimes in Young Offenders:
Through its rehabilitation and mentoring initiatives, Ar Girls Circles empowers juvenile female offenders to transform their lives. Find details here.

Pre-Relationship and Marriage Workshops:
To prepare girls for healthy partnerships, Ar Girls Circles offers relationship education workshops. Browse our upcoming workshops.

Tuition Support:
Aligned with its mission to nurture young girls’ development, Ar Girls Circles provides personalized tutoring. Read about our tutoring services.

Social Gatherings:
Ar Girls Circles organizes spiritual gatherings and motivational workshops to facilitate personal growth. See our calendar for details.

Sports and Martial Arts:
Through fitness and martial arts, Ar Girls Circles builds girls’ strength, discipline, and leadership skills. Explore our sports programs here.

Through this diverse range of programs, Ar Girls Circles empowers the young women of Bradford to reach their full potential. We look forward to nurturing the next generation of female leaders!