The quality of being loyal displays faithfulness, devotion and respect within your character. We should all aspire to be faithful in our relationships, but also to ourselves. Loyalty aligns us to a set of beliefs and establishes within us a sense of respectability.

Loyalty to yourself

It is vital to recognise through self-knowledge what you consider to be your interests and how you deserve to be treated. We should all treat ourselves well before anybody else. Before others, you should be loyal to your own beliefs, sense of identity and ideas. We are all searching for a cheerful existence, and it is hard to achieve true clarity and happiness without prioritising yourself and believing in your thoughts. Often, we have been conditioned to negate our importance, but we must rebuild this allegiance to succeed in our goals.

Why Loyalty Matters

Loyalty is key to our intuitive idea of trust. When we have felt disloyalty, our ability to trust is fractured, affecting our capability to interact and form meaningful relationships with other people. Loyalty is built up over time and experience, and as a result, it can be fragile and fluctuates. Our loyalty to a particular person must be forgotten through a meaningful relationship – empty promises cannot produce loyalty.

Loyalty is perhaps the critical trait required in forming meaningful relationships. Without it, we cannot trust. With it, we can forge brilliant bonds and know where we stand with other people.


Disloyalty to ourselves often results from the wearying experience of being conditioned to believe that we aren’t good enough and allowing ourselves to be pushed around by family, peers and society. Finding it hard to remain grounded in your own beliefs is expected when you feel like you have been forced to change allegiances and mould yourself to another person’s idea of what is right. Essentially, the problem with being forced to act disloyally to ourselves is that we are forced to lose a sense of our own identity.

Disloyalty in relationships can be highly harmful. To show cheating in romantic partnerships can cause severe wounds and lasting harm to an individual’s relationship with trust. Loyalty is fundamental; it can make or break a person’s sense of self.

Guided Meditation and Loyalty

Guided meditation provides opportunities both to expand self-belief, improve your loyalty to yourself, and heal the wounds of past experiences with disloyalty. Both of these are essential for finding fulfilment and success in your life. Through guided meditation such as visualisation and affirmation, we can realign ourselves with a sense of loyalty that both ourselves and others deserve to give and receive.

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