In making decisions and understanding circumstances, it can be challenging to establish the right course of action and find the perfect happiness. We can often find it difficult to distinguish between real and false satisfaction and work out what will provide long-term and what will provide short-term satisfaction. Still, we can develop ways of knowing and understanding how pleasure works and the best ways of attaining it.

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Short-term Satisfaction

What must be understood about satisfaction is that it often takes hard work, if you mean to sustain it. We should work towards meaningful action rather than rushing towards premature means of short-term satisfaction. Learning to distinguish between short-term and long-term satisfaction is essential to our growth as individuals.

We also need to understand that we can easily derive short-term satisfaction from unhealthy or harmful things, like smoking, eating junk food or acting rashly based on our emotions. When we can control ourselves and develop more meaningful ways of working towards positive goals, we will no longer rely heavily on short-term satisfaction.

Long-term Satisfaction

When we work towards a goal and develop a sense of motivation to attain it, we allow ourselves to have long-term satisfaction. Creating a sense of long-term pride through healthy and attainable goals means we gain positive habits instead of negative ones. It also allows us to replace our negative patterns with better ones which we can use to attain long-term satisfaction.

Sometimes we struggle to see that our end goal will be worth the long, hard effort of doing something we are not immediately comfortable with. Developing a sense of positivity in the face of adversity and understanding the potential for long-term satisfaction in our activities means we can grow.

How to Gain Satisfaction

Satisfaction requires a lot of effort to develop if we mean for it to be lasting. We can quickly gain short-term satisfaction from small actions, which are often unhealthy. Still, our ability to grow past even our wildest expectations allows us to plan and prolong our joy through continually setting and reassessing goals in a meaningful and well thought out way which works alongside our self-development to be a better person in many senses.

We need to understand that true satisfaction derives only from the mind and that through our mental activities, we can become more wilful to creating satisfaction and growing with it. If we are not happy within, truly, we will not be happy wholly. Satisfaction comes from many areas of life, and we need to appreciate our personal needs and wishes to gain a sense of what we want. Being able to acknowledge and note our hard work and how it has paid off will be the most satisfying thing of all. Through guided meditation, we can learn to observe our thoughts and see-through ourselves to develop better, healthier satisfaction. 

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