It can be hard to understand or empathise with those who seem to act rebelliously, even though there is usually a justified cause for behaviour that we deem hostile or rebellious upon investigations. Often, the reasoning behind rebellious behaviour derives from trauma or hardship experienced by the individual, shaping their world view or understanding of life. While this may be disruptive or inconvenient, it remains worthy of respect and compassion. Views may have been warped by harmful sources or inefficient use of ideology to perpetuate negativity. We must consider and attempt to understand what causes rebellious behaviour rather than writing it off as causeless lousy behaviour.

Which of our treatments can best help you understand rebellious behaviour?

  • Mindfullness

Why do we Act Rebelliously?

Acting rebelliously is often the result of our prior experiences or a response to emotions we have dealt with throughout life, the source of which is often childhood. While we cannot always quickly establish what has caused our own or others rebellious behaviour, endeavouring to understand is the first step in resolving a problem of unruly behaviour.

Other causes of rebellious behaviour include, but are not limited to, refusals to accept authority, fundamental disagreements of ideology, the struggle of mental illness and substance abuse. These factors may influence a person to act in a rebellious way that is potentially damaging. It is also essential to establish whether the cause of unruly behaviour requires professional help or whether it can be handled through self-work and holistic methods. The answer to that varies personally and depends on the number of factors affecting the individual acting rebelliously.

Is There a Solution?

Fortunately, there are ways we can offer help to those displaying rebellious behaviour and ourselves.

If we fear that somebody is acting rebelliously due to negative experiences or issues they face, simply offering them an opportunity to talk or establish the root of the problem can do a lot for them. Further, another person will provide a better judgment about whether there is a serious issue or one that the individual can handle alone.

To curb your rebellious behaviour, learning to restrain and clarify the mind is highly beneficial. Through mindfulness techniques, including guided meditation, we can benefit from a healthier, more positive sense. Guided meditation’s introspective nature also allows us to understand the root of the problems that haunt us, influencing rebellious behaviour. By establishing a wholly positive outlook, we can rid ourselves of influences that cause us to act rebelliously, whether people or habits we have that we feel do not serve us as we would like to be treated. By focussing on self-growth and emphasising the individual, guided meditation allows for intense potential alterations within the mindset that causes you to act negatively.

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