Transparency represents the allowance for others to view what you are doing quickly. This means acting truthfully, plainly and with clear intentions. The word is used as a metaphor because it accurately represents how we should work with sincere intentions as though we are entirely see-through, unable to hide anything.

The importance of transparency allows for openness, accountability, and more excellent communication, all of which are integral to life successfully working within a community. This is why clarity is expressed most frequently within companies and organisations; it matters to consumers to see how they operate. Similarly, practising personal accountability promotes transparency within us as individuals, essential for developing successful intimate relationships.

Which of our treatments can best help you with transparency

  • Guided meditation
  • Positive thought

Why Practising Transparency Is Important

Acting with transparency emphasises a desire to do right by other people. The good intentions behind the act of openness allow us to work more carefully and with greater awareness for our actions. Acting with greater purpose and awareness means we can grow as individuals and seek to develop our positivity. Overall, we can gain almost endlessly from placing greater transparency in our thoughts, words and actions.

The benefit of acting with transparency will reflect upon all of our relationships. Be it on a personal level or in business, and in business, working with honesty and clarity will provide a sense of reliability and trust, as well as displaying your good intentions to other people. While acting with transparency does allow for vulnerability (as an act of honesty does), the benefits of working in such a way make you strong and, therefore, you can gain, even when you might seem to be in a weak position.

How to Be More Transparent

Acting with transparency requires honesty and willingness. We are gaining an ability to be aware of our thoughts, actions and intentions. The best way of developing these skills is through mindfulness. Developing decisively positive traits and working with them in mind is integral to becoming a positive person who acts with transparency for the good of others. By turning inwards in awareness of our actions, we can gain clarity and understand better how we process and work towards our intentions.

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