The Vortex is the source, or God, from which all energy comes. In alignment with the vortex suggests that you are in tune with the points you seek to manifest. What we want is not in the whirlpool, but their fulfilment is. The concept of ‘the vortex’ could be considered similar to Aristotle’s prime mover, essentially the beginning of the chain reaction causing all energetic actions to occur. The idea of a presence-less causer (or uncaused causer) reacting to the energies we put out could be assimilated with the law of attraction. We want to get into the vortex to align with the positive energy we need to manifest what we seek. The state of being ‘within the vortex’ confuses some, but the idea merely means to be in alignment with our most positive self.

Which of our treatments can best help you learn about the vortex?

  • Guided meditation


How to get into the Vortex

To be in the vortex requires sufficient positivity. To be in the vortex is to experience happiness, contentment and peace. Joy allows us to enter the vortex through the feeling that all is right and well. Allowing yourself to be happy and curious is enough to get into the vortex. While negativity can easily drag us down and spread at a seemingly rapid pace,

Practice gratitude – write down what you are happy about in your life and what provides you with contentment every day; this practice allows you to align with a positive state of mind. Keeping a gratitude diary is an effective method of doing this.

Practice deep breathing exercises; these allow you to find mindfulness within the moment. These can also be used for guided meditation, as listed below.

Mindfulness further allows us to notice our positive thoughts and amplify that thought through affirmation to ensure that we continually believe in our capabilities and skills. Mindfulness promotes clarity of thought and an ability to be present in the moment, allowing for appreciation, leading to positivity.

Visualisation exercises also allow for positive thought and clarity in manifestation through images and the imagination to create powerful vibrations, establishing and aligning the individual within the frame of what they want. This is one of the most fundamental methods of physically taking action to align with the vortex.

An exercise is an essential tool for boosting endorphins within the body. Similarly, experiencing nature allows us to exercise while connecting and grounding ourselves with the divine, also known as the vortex, or the ultimate energy provider. This manual release of positivity allows us to further our natural capacity to act in a way that aligns us with the vortex.

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