One of the most commonly admirable traits in a person is decisiveness. We need to be decisive, both to make decisions and live for ourselves and put our point across effectively in life. Our ability to make decisions and find a clear path in life is essential for our well-being, self-esteem, and positivity.

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If we look at positive people, whether in themselves or in business, we will most likely find them decisive. The benefit of being assertive is that it does not only make you good with decisions; it affords confidence and provides bolstering to the idea that you know yourself and what you are doing. As a result, decisive people are respected, valued and essential for leadership within communities.

How can we be more decisive?

Establishing a set of ethics or a plan of action for decision making can be highly effective in helping you be decisive. This can seem like a complex concept to grasp, but the crux of the matter is that to develop as a person who is assertive, as well as confident and happy, you need to understand what you want, what you believe in, and how you intend to treat other people. Approaching these questions is essential in establishing how you intend to be decisive. People with flimsy or skewed senses of identity or morality cannot be genuinely influential in themselves.

Balance compassion with practicality. In making decisions and aspiring to achieve clarity, we must appreciate both what is best and most loving for others. Ethicist Joseph Fletcher speaks on this. We must weigh up concepts like this is working out how our decisions can make the most difference to the most significant number of people. Our ability to empathise and consider others is something precious about our nature as humans.

Guided Meditation

One of the best uses of guided meditation is expanding our capacity for critical thought and, as a result, being able to make better and more informed decisions. While it is our responsibility to grow this skill, engaging in guided meditation is a sure-fire method of beginning a journey into mindful and purposeful thinking about what matters. As a result, we can find ourselves with greater self-assurance and the ability to make decisions due to guided meditation.

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