Which of our treatments can best help you stay focused?

It can be hard to stick to goals and dreams, especially when we find that we are not getting easy results. We often hear people say, ‘I start with good intentions, but I struggle to be consistent or follow through’.

What matters is the ability to overcome boredom in the everyday. It can become tiring and restless to repeat the same patterns repeatedly in the hope that eventually, something will happen. Most people think what matters is being able to get excited over their goals and be motivated by their passion, but the real trick is to cope with the mundanity required in the process of achieving what you want. Most things won’t come quickly or easily, and as a result, you need to be able to be patient in the meantime and cope with any potential boredom.

Many people get depressed by their lack of motivation or consistency because they have been programmed to believe that successful people have unbridled and unstoppable passion and inspiration. I’m afraid I have to disagree. Successful people feel the same lacklustre boredom as you. Still, they teach themselves to work with their boredom instead of letting their emotions determine their actions, nor do they allow temporary pleasures to distract from their harder, longer-term goals.

What separates successful people from everybody else is the ability to continue working when it isn’t easy. It is not their events or results that distinguish them from you; it is their ability to commit to the process of achievement. You must learn to love the practice instead of simply yearning for the result you desire. For example, to be a great writer, you must love the process of writing; you cannot merely have a best-selling book. You might want to lose twenty pounds, but you will only achieve that by enjoying the process of exercise and healthy eating. You have to build up your ability to work with the process of attaining the dreams you want, rather than giving up because a plan seems distant or unattainable.

You must fall in love with repetition and practice and let the results take care of themselves.

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