In life, we find ourselves repeating the same mistakes until we can move on by learning our lesson. Fundamentally, we know who we are to understand why we make mistakes and how we can be better.

Which of our treatments can best help you with your self-knowledge?

Self-love is essential to self-knowledge because you are the only person who can change your world. You cannot love others or make a difference in your own life if you do not yet love yourself.

Showing gratitude to your body for what it does for you is an excellent way of practising self-love. Your body is faithful to you and works to keep you alive and happy. Taking care of your body is another essential method of self-care. Something as simple as looking in the mirror and saying, ‘I love you can begin a journey of self-love and acceptance that is vital for developing knowledge of your deeper self. Try it every day. If you find it hard to express love for yourself, keep practising. People who love themselves truly radiate happiness and confidence.

In life, we often do things we know are not suitable for ourselves. We do these things and face the consequences, blaming ourselves as we go. These things grow from a lack of self-love. If we truly loved and respected ourselves, we would not damage or sabotage ourselves through destructive behaviours. When you decide you are worthy of self-love, you can begin a new journey of self-discovery.

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