“Where the willingness is great, the difficulties are small.”

Willingness is the force in everybody on Earth that gets things done and attracts the best things in life. Without willingness you will become depressed and miserable, humans have to be able to fight for something it is in our nature, and now you can find out how to gain the power of willingness.


The Power of Willingness 

What is willingness?

Willingness is the quality or state of being prepared to do something. It is a state of readiness to take on challenges and obstacles. It is the natural state of all of humanity, every single baby born has an innate willingness to succeed and be all they can be. Without willingness there cannot be any progress in the world, there cannot be success and there cannot be happiness. It is the only thing standing in the way of suffering, the ability to push through even when everything seems hopeless. Willingness is often removed from the psyche of most people as they are raised in modern society. Anybody they come into contact with tends to discourage this state and encourage a more submissive, passive identity which is very inhumane. Willingness is created in a person from a healthy level of self-esteem where the person feels as though they have innate value and a high level of self-efficacy.

The Benefits of Willingness

The power of will has no limits and when a person has control over it happiness is inevitable. With willingness comes a high sense of self-worth and a desire to improve your situation in life. This is natural and comes ingrained in all of us.

Beneficial Qualities:

  • Lack of guilt

  • Self-love

  • High self- esteem

  • Peace

  • Self -responsibility

  • Lack of loneliness

  • Purposeful

  • Self-acceptance

  • Courageous

  • Humbleness

When we regain the power of willingness, we are subject to a host of amazing qualities that improve our lives tremendously. We tend to let go of negative emotion such as anger, blame, shame and guilt as we take responsibility for our feelings and move into a more powerful state. We begin to believe in our power and people’s thoughts and words have less of an effect on us. We feel more at peace knowing we have control over our lives and understand our strengths while accepting our weaknesses; we recognize that we are the source of all happiness. We are the source of power to change our futures, careers, relationships, passion, compassion, empathy and authenticity.

In addition, we begin to feel okay on our own there is no need to be with anyone they are simply a bonus to our lives and therefore loneliness becomes a thing of the past. We start to allow ourselves to show up in the world and live our purpose without self-sabotaging. With a strong will you become more able to go out of your way to give love towards others and make sure they are happy and positive, this is then reciprocated meaning more love is given to you. We let go of thoughts that negate our reality (the “should”), and we become lovers of what is. Validation is no longer needed as your perspective changes to your own actions giving you validation, this is much more powerful.

Willingness changes your life and it will no longer be ruled by fear but you will be motivated by inspiration instead, you will always feel enough and attract the best things in life to you instead of fighting tooth and nail. We accept reality instead of blaming and fighting it because we know that love is in every corner. We attract harmony, peace, spaciousness, and significance in our relationships. You will no longer feel guilty of speeding ahead and understand that this is a good thing where one day you will be able to pull others up to your level.

Without The Power of Willingness

On the other hand, a lack of willingness in life can lead to some seriously negative consequences. If a person has this innate ability entirely stripped away with social conditioning then misery and depression are bound to ensue.

Qualities of no willingness:

  • Harsh self-criticism

  • Hypersensitivity

  • Indecision

  • Need to please

  • Perfectionism

  • Hostility

  • Insecurity

  • Irritability

  • Negativity

Without any willingness in a person’s life, they will inevitably become too self-critical and create a state of self-hate which can become a habit that is very hard to break. Furthermore, a person without willingness will become very sensitive as they believe they are not of value and try to hold onto it externally which never works. They will never be able to make decisions and end up procrastinating or trying to be perfect which will become paralytic. Plus, they seem to have a general vibe of negativity, hostility, and irritability about them viewing life as something that is unfair and that they are just a victim.

How To Gain The Power of Willingness

Willingness cannot be gained it needs to be uncovered because every single person has it but society, parents, teachers, and priests have brainwashed you and have given you beliefs that make it impossible for you to utilize your willingness. The best way to unearth the beliefs is through guided meditation which finds them and releases them through multiple sessions. Then we use positivity programs to make you remember your original programming creating a much happier and content individual.

Once this ability has been realized then a whole world of opportunity opens up to you. You will begin to feel as though you are enough and people will begin to flock to you and attempt to connect, it is similar to the colour being turned on in your life changing from dull grey to high vibrancy. Do not wait in the misery of being controlled by your beliefs now is the time to discover who you truly are and find the true power of willingness.

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