Willpower is what separates us from the animals, it is the motivation we have to do things we know we need to do. Why is it that some seem to have so much willpower to get things done? Were they born this way or were they raised to have a subconscious that boosts their willpower?

Which of our treatments can best help you improve your will-power?

What is Willpower?

To understand willpower we first need to understand will. Will is the ability to make a conscious choice. It is how we are able to make our own choices by engaging logical thinking. Humans have the strongest wills in the animal kingdom because of the size of our brain. When there are obstructions in the way a stronger will is needed to overcome them and to stave off quitting.  A strong will is connected to a strong desire, if you and your subconscious want something bad enough your will becomes strong enough to achieve it. Will is also involved in suppressing emotions or urges, such as, eating bad food, or not expressing anger. This all involves the will and without it, we would be like a dog where their emotion completely guides them.

Willpower refers to the motivation to exercise will. Our subconscious mind seems to be much more in charge of our actions and is actually the true dictator of willpower. Whatever beliefs you have in your subconscious can either reduce your willpower or boost it. The subconscious mind is just the surface level and allows for focus but the subconscious is like the hard drive. Strong will power gives people the ability to put forward their decisions and follow through in the face of strong opposition. It is closely correlated to the strength of what they believe to be right.

Someone who has little willpower will quit very easily as they do not fully trust themselves, they believe that their desires are not that important and should not be fought for. Getting something your desire takes a tremendous amount of willpower and it differs from person to person, this is because of upbringing, genetics, and culture but more specifically it is because of subconscious beliefs.

The Benefits Of Willpower

If there is a strong enough willpower then a person can do anything they set their mind to, overcoming almost any obstacle. Willpower is strengthened through using it, but more importantly, most people aren’t utilizing the willpower they have right now. Subconscious beliefs are strangling their willpower causing it to seem like they do not have any. However, when these beliefs aren’t there the correct internal biome is created to form a very strong willpower.

Traits needed in order to gain strong willpower:

  • A firm belief in certain values and principles

  • Self-trust

  • Live in the present

  • Consider themselves equal in dignity to others

  • Understand how they are an interesting and valuable person for others.

  • Resist manipulation

  • Admit and accept different internal feelings and drives.

  • Can work toward finding solutions

Can voice discontent without belittling themselves or others when challenges arise.

The above beliefs are what cause someone to have the ability to trust in themselves and follow through on their desires. This is what creates huge willpower and passion.

Strong Willpower benefits:

  • Productive

  • Healthy

  • Fit

  • Strong Relationships

  • Wealth

  • Happiness

Strong willpower will give you the ability to achieve your dreams while feeling content. You will become much more productive and stay in this state for long periods of time. Obviously, if you work on your desires for 20 hours a day you are going to burn out but some people have the tremendous amount of willpower to do this. With this increase in productivity comes wealth, the money to live a life that you want with the amount of freedom you choose.

Furthermore, Willpower is also involved in relationships. In order to keep a partner interested and attracted there needs to be an effort, otherwise, the relationship will become stale and resentful. You will be able to socialize more optimally and be as charismatic as you choose. In addition, your health will be a walk in the park. Willpower will give you the ability to never miss a workout day. Or if you decide you need to lose 30 pounds you can survive the 5 months that it takes to do so without quitting. With all of these achievements comes a deep sense of satisfaction in life and a high level of self-esteem. A healthy level of willpower is essential to maintaining a happy life.

What If You Do Not Have Any Willpower?

On the other hand, a life without willpower can be very unpleasant. This stems from a set of beliefs in the subconscious that create the perfect storm for low willpower. These beliefs come from our childhood and upbringing, some directly and some indirectly. A negative mindset is the first thing that needs to be fixed in order to boost willpower.

Mindsets that reduce willpower:

  • Self-hate

  • Resentment against critics

  • Indecisiveness

  • Fear of mistakes.

  • People pleaser

  • Perfectionism

  • Guilt

  • Pessimism

  • Envious

These qualities create the perfect storm for low willpower, leading to a life of sadness and misery. Imagine not being able to feel “good enough” in front of family and friends, maybe you experienced this in your youth or even now. If so, you may have this mindset.

Effects of low willpower:

  • Depression

  • Stagnation

  • Non-existent social life

  • Unhealthy eating habits

  • Laziness

  • Procrastination

  • Weight gain

  • Toxic Relationships

Low willpower will destroy your productivity leading to feelings of worthlessness, stagnation and even depression. You will not be able to hold down a job or start working out because ou entire subconscious is against you. You will not be able to find a happy relationship and will settle for the easiest one to keep around. This is not a joyful way to live and changing your subconscious is the first step to fixing the problem.

How Do You Gain Willpower?

If you think willpower is the number one asset when it comes to achieving your goals you’re not wrong. But many people go about building willower the wrong way. They see it as a muscle that builds over time and this is great but it is only half of the puzzle. To truly release your brakes and gain maximum willpower you have to get your subconscious working for you. This eliminates negative self-talk, self-sabotage and lack of motivation.

How do we do this? Well, the best way to go about changing the subconscious is by sitting down and meditating to uncover different beliefs that are not helping you. This is called guided meditation and is a brilliant process to increase willpower that hardly anyone talks about. The negative beliefs in your subconscious will be released and then replaced with more positive beliefs, boosting self-esteem and willpower allowing you to achieve your goals effortlessly

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