Vision Board

Get the law of attraction under your control with a vision board. This technique helps people to realign with their goals every day. The clear images gradually integrate into your subconscious making your deepest desires a part of you. This makes goals and aspirations far easier to achieve.

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What is a vision board?

A vision board is a tool used to help focus your attention and narrow down your desires so you can choose appropriately. It utilises the law of attraction and helps you to visualise your goals consistently to prevent you from straying or forgetting them. A vision board should be placed where you can see it every day and an effort should be made to take 10 minutes to sit and look at it. This should create images and feelings making your goals seem more real. This is an incredible tool for helping people to manifest their goals and reminding them of what they really want.

Why use a Vision Board?

Using a vision board makes your goals a priority by forcing you to examine them every day. They realign your mind so that it is focused on what you really want and what really matters to you. Vision boards have limited space for a reason making impossible for you to choose things that don’t matter. Vision boards give you the power of choice and the process of deciding what you want to put on it is very empowering. You must first understand your desires and write down what you want out of life. Next, images should be chosen that relate to your desires. This makes you extremely focused and goal oriented. You can choose a picture of your favourite car, family pictures or favourite watch as long as it relates to your goals. The main thing here is that you are able to choose how exactly you want to represent your goals. This creates a clear mental picture in your mind increasing the likelihood of you achieving your goals.

The best part of a vision board is that the visual aspect of it allows you to see your goal more clearly and makes you believe that it is more likely to happen. However, visualisation is sometimes hard to do right. Studies show that the brain can’t really tell the difference between real events and detailed imagination, this provides your body with the same feelings and gives you the mentality of someone who can achieve the goal. Your brain literally trains your body for the reality.

Furthermore, one of the most important things you need to achieve goals is consistency. You can eat a healthy meal once and see no results, you can work hard once and not grow your business it is consistency that is the key. The ability to focus on your goals every day is paramount. Every time we repeat an action we become better at that action. This is why vision boards are so powerful, they enable you to consistently feel your desires and allow them to manifest. There are many benefits from something that takes 30 minutes to make and lasts forever.

How To Make Sure Your Vision Boards Work

Many people have made vision boards without any luck in achieving their goals. Most blame it on the fact that vision boards and the law of attraction don’t work but this isn’t the case. No matter how much time you spend visualizing your perfect future you can’t do it all the time and for the rest of the day, you are at the mercy of your subconscious telling you what to think and feel. So people with healthy belief systems find that vision boards work perfectly, however the people who need vision boards the most struggle.

In comes guided meditation and positive thinking. With guided meditation, you will be able to sit and relax into your subconscious bringing awareness to the beliefs and trauma that is stopping you from achieving your goal. We then use professional releasing techniques to remove these beliefs from your body, allowing the vision board and the law of attraction to benefit your life. After this, we use our positive thinking program to implant helpful beliefs into your subconscious to make the process of feeling better much faster.

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