Self-esteem creates huge drive to express oneself with a feeling of worthiness, self-respect and confidence. Your self-esteem is created during childhood, where behaviours that cause high self-esteem are encouraged, discouraged, or not taught at all. Healthy self-esteem gives us confidence in our ability to handle social interactions, our health, relationships, finances and goals. It gives us the key to the conviction that we deserve happiness and success. Without it, you will never feel enough, you will always fear the unknown, and you will go through life as if you have the brakes applied, never reaching your full potential. Self-esteem is often overlooked in schools and child rearing, even though it is regarded as a vital part to success in life. Take the opportunity now, address that which may be holding you back.

Which of our Treatments is best suited to aid a Self-esteem? 

  • Self-development programme
  • Meditation

Do you have low self-esteem?

Do you feel something blocking you from letting loose, having fun, and being yourself?

Are you uncomfortable with compliments?

Do you turn your head when a beautiful girl smiles at you?

Do you feel something is wrong when good things happen?

If you answered yes to any of these you, my friend, have low self-esteem. Accept it, come to terms with it. You have to understand where you are for things to begin to change. A lot of people have been through what you are experiencing, many more are still suffering as a result of it. Do not rationalize to yourself by saying “that’s just not me, I’ve always been shy”, “I’ve always struggled with dating” or, “I’ve just got a slow metabolism”. You know, deep down, that you could be better. The only thing stopping you is yourself. This low self-esteem expresses itself in many ways; from seeking safety and pathetic is very harsh and could dissuade someone from approaching you. To seeking approval from others or addiction/ substance abuse. 

Signs that you suffer from low self-esteem:

  • Social withdrawal

  • Defensiveness

  • Social anxiety

  • Low confidence

  • Depression

  • Blowing the negative out of proportion

  • Self-hate

  • Rejecting compliments

  • Poor hygiene

  • Overly self-conscious

  • Suffering from eating disorders

  • Worrying whether you have treated others badly

  • Focusing on your negatives

  • Avoiding challenges

  • Rarely trusting your own opinion

  • Expecting and accepting too little in life

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