Peace is acceptance. Being one with reality, no longer fighting against that which beyond your control, acknowledging can be done to react to the situation as opposed to struggling to change something that cannot be changed. Enable yourself to detach from negative and positive events, to be able to behold them from a different perspective.

Which of our Treatments is best suited to aid a Peace?

  • Self-development programme
  • Meditation

What is it to be at peace?

There is a famous Taoist story of an elderly farmer, who had worked his crops for decades.  One day his horse ran away. His neighbours heard and came to visit.

“Such bad luck”, they said.

“Maybe”, the farmer replied.

The next morning the horse came back, with 3 wild horses behind it. His neighbors heard and said “How wonderful”.

“Maybe”, the farmer replied.

The next day, the farmer’s son tried to tame one of these horses, by riding it. He was thrown off the horse violently, breaking his leg. The neighbours offered their sympathy, “that’s awful” they said.

“Maybe”, the farmer replied.

A couple of days later, military officials came to the village to draft young men. They saw the farmer’s son’s injury and moved on. The neighbours once again congratulated the farmer on his good luck

“Maybe”, said the farmer.

The moral of the story is that, attachment to things outside of your control will never bring you lasting peace. Peace is the state that comes when you accept what is, and not pass judgment on it. It is the ability to be with the worst while still enjoying the best.

There’s a conflict from what they expect from the world and what the world is giving them. This is not living in peace. If you are reading this, you probably aren’t living with an external war, but it is very likely that you are experiencing an inner conflict. This inner peace is a lot harder to come by. It is the feeling of calm when you are sat alone, it is the belief everything will be OK, even when your world is collapsing around you. When everything seems to be going wrong you don’t judge, you accept it and work through the motions to the resolutions. When there is internal peace there is no anxiety or depression, no pain or suffering. There is only stillness and tranquillity. There is complete detachment from the outcome, leaving you in a perpetual state of calmness.

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