Motivation is why we do anything in life. It is the biggest predictor of success in every area of existence. It seems, however, some people have it and some people don’t, and this is just an accepted fact. But what if we are all born capable of being motivated and our conditioning is holding us back?

Which of our treatments can best help you improve your motivation?

  • Affirmations
  • Positive thought
  • Meditation
  • Self-development

What is Motivation? 

Motivation is something that is natural and in every human being. It is why people do anything and have a willingness to achieve goals. It is a desire to materialize something in the physical world. This occurs through influence, culture, lifestyle, and society but going even deeper these four things all have an effect on a person’s beliefs and mindset. This creates a path with which you can direct your behaviour. Motivation causes a person to push through uncomfortable feelings and repeat a behaviour because they know it will end with the desired result.

It is generally accepted that there are two kinds of motivation, the first being extrinsic motivation where you are motivated by something outside of yourself, where you see a nice car and are motivated to work harder, or you hear a motivational talk and are inspired to go the gym. The second kind is intrinsic motivation, which comes from within yourself and you desire to achieve things simply because you want to. The first can fill your life with misery and emptiness whereas the second leads to a life of fulfilment. You see, you cannot look outside of yourself for happiness or motivation, you need to realize that it is already within you. You are already motivated and happy, but there is conditioning blocking it.

Motivation is probably the most important reason that makes a person move forward in life. Motivation allows sustained and deliberate practice imperative for gaining high levels of achievement in any area be it elite sport, medicine, music, socializing, health, finance.

The Motivated Person

Motivation is one of the most studied and talked about field in human psychology. Motivation allows a person to become their best self and pursue something authentic to them. The more motivated you are the more likely you will be successful and achieve goals, aspirations, and desires. You will form high confidence from this as you see the fruits of your labour gather around you from continuous hard work. Your self-esteem will begin to grow and in turn, make you more motivated. When people are motivated, there are many benefits that result in a better life. Work life satisfaction improves, focus improves and your full potential can be achieved.

Positive effects of motivation:

  • Success

  • Healthy relationships

  • Good health

  • Happiness

  • Energy

  • Confidence

Being motivated means an improvement of our self-confidence, enhanced self-discipline and the ability to challenge ourselves repeatedly and stretch our skills. Motivation allows a person to continue applying techniques and change their approach until they have found what works.

The Person Lacking Motivation

As we know not everyone is born with motivation, most don’t have the original tenacity to want things that you know you should have. But society has other ideas and your perception of any interaction during your life can shape your beliefs system. And with it your motivation. If you have been conditioned to block off your authentic self and motivation then you are in for a miserable life. You will not see a point to anything in life. There will be a huge cloud hanging over you, making it difficult for you to do even the simplest of tasks. With this, your external world will suffer. You will not want to get into relationships let alone maintain them, you will not achieve great wealth or skills. You will continue to suffer like this until the underlying issue is solved.

Consequences of zero motivation:

  • Personality is boring, sluggish, emotionally bland

  • Show no interest in work, grades, achievement, health

  • Poor education

  • Withdrawn and lack of facial expressions or physical effect

  • Lack of joy for life

  • Can’t keep a conversation going

  • Frequently skip important things

  • Failure to take responsibility

  • Not assertive

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Not happy with rewards, encouragement, praise.

  • See the worst in people

  • Unconcerned with appearance

How to improve motivation

For a person to become motivated, they need to find what is important to them and what they value. This is critical, however many people have bought into others ideas and blocked off what they truly think. This is why they cannot achieve true motivation. You have to re-discover your authentic beliefs and then you will be unstoppable.

If you ask someone or even a professional how to get motivated they will say something like set some goals, find inspiration, just start small or get excited. The thing is this doesn’t really do anything, it is like trying to fix a broken bone with band-aids and simply doesn’t work. The correct approach is to find out why you are not motivated, to begin with. What beliefs and conditioning have been pressed upon you to take away your natural state of being motivated.

This is what our work is about and why guided meditation is the best way to improve motivation. In our sessions we take advantage of this and guide you to find the beliefs stopping you from being motivated, we work on the blocks and bring them to the surface and release them through a series of techniques. We then add some positive affirmations to really ramp up your motivation and mindset.

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