“Morality is not the doctrine of how we may make ourselves happy, but how we may make ourselves worthy of happiness”

Which of our treatments can best help you address your morality?

What Is Morality?

What if you found a suitcase full of money, in a bush, on the way home from work? You would probably have a little debate in your head about what you could do with the money. If anyone will see, wonder if anything bad will happen if you take it, then you may think you should turn it into the police. Whatever your choice, the reason for this debate in your head is because of morality.

It is what we think is the right thing to do. The same thing applies when we debate getting into a fight, debate buying expensive clothes or providing for our family. It’s all morality. More specifically, morality is when we try to figure out what the right or wrong actions and thoughts truly are. We use this to determine what is good and bad about ourselves. In short, morality is a belief system.

What Are Some Moral Values?

We can start by saying that moral values and moral qualities are anything that we decide to be good. This could be anything about the world and ourselves. Understanding what is good, is the start of understanding morality. Anything that we value as good can be anything from food, exercise and socializing. Obviously, this depends entirely on the person, a workaholic may even think sleep is bad, or a fitness fanatic may believe chocolate is bad and so on. This is a very broad understanding of what it means to have good moral values so let’s try and get specific. What do we need for something to be a good moral value? Well, we can break it down into 5 categories:


In order to have any enjoyment in our lives, we need to feel some sort of pleasure while doing it. Now, this does not mean instant gratification pleasures like smoking or drinking no. This means long-term pleasure where you live your life in a way that overall there is the most pleasure possible over the long term. This involves being healthy, working on your finances as well as developing loving relationships.


This is related to pleasure, because there is deep satisfaction associated when excellence is achieved. There is much greater feeling of satisfaction when you struggle for something, with interest and desire, and eventually achieve mastery of it.


If our moral values meant we wouldn’t achieve happiness, then they would not be very “good” in the first place. Happiness comes when long-term meaning and responsibility is brought into your life.


It is in human nature to create. We feel empty and depressed, if we cannot do this. If you look at children they are always looking for a way to be creative, it is natural, but for most people this natural desire has been conditioned out of them. It is considered by many philosophers to be a necessary moral value.


Finally, we must have harmony in our lives in order to experience the other moral values. Without peace, there is constant stress and therefore no room for happiness or pleasure. It is one of the basics of life after water, food, and shelter. If there is no safety or security, there cannot be happiness, creativity or excellence. So this would make it an essential moral value to have.

A Life Without Morality

A life without morality doesn’t mean you will turn into an evil demon that enjoys doing bad things, no. It is more depressing than that. If you didn’t have any morals, you wouldn’t know who you are, how to act, how to communicate or how to think. You would be all over the place have and without order comes chaos. Not externally but internally. To be honest, morals are very hard not to pick up. The morals that you pick up from society, that you think are good, may not be good for you. They create inner conflict inside of you causing inauthenticity. It is uncommon but that is what happens when you let morality go. The common problem occurs when there is a mix of morals that aren’t helpful, a belief structure that isn’t true to the specific person’s nature. This is hell and often leads to that addiction orientated life.

How can you gain morality?

A lot of people nowadays have been brainwashed to think that getting something like a mansion, private jet or model girlfriend is a good moral value. It is not, you’re chasing a phantom, even when you get that thing, you’re never going to be happy because you aren’t happy right now. We gain this skewed sense of morality from our environment growing up as well as in adulthood. Most of us aren’t aware that it’s pointing us in a bad direction. Therefore, it’s  good to take control of it and guide our lives by fixing our morality.

We can start by staying aware and conscious of what our inner thoughts and emotions are when we experience certain things. This means that you are acknowledging them seeing them as valid. Instead of running away from them.

This is easier said than done. There is a lot of Resilience in your long held beliefs. Our feelings are telling us something about ourselves and our lives.  They are not telling us about someone else or their life.  Whenever something happens and you feel a negative emotion it is YOU who made yourself feel that way, no one else. However, it is the beliefs held in your subconscious mind, that cause these feelings. These are the things holding you back.

Guided meditation is an easy way to dive into these thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. It is great for becoming aware of them, blasting past resistance and then releasing them. Then, new moral values will be put in place allowing for a much more peaceful, happy life. If we accept our negative, contradicting moral values, it allows us to change our lives according to who we actually are, not to some external and internalized code.

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