The state all human beings want to find but never really do. It seems to always be out of reach, this is because love is only visible when we start to look inward. When we begin to uncover the clouds around our consciousness, we start to feel real love. Real love isn’t the kind you have for a partner; it is something much more powerful.

“You yourself as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection” – Buddha

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What is love?

A strong feeling of affection we have for everything. Love is one of those words that is talked about a lot in today’s world but experienced much less. Love is the feeling that binds humanity together; it is the warmth we feel lying next to a significant other or the tear in the eye of a man holding his newborn son. It is everywhere if you know where to look. Love can often be mistaken as attachment, especially in relationships and this will only lead to suffering. But going through attachment and realizing it doesn’t work only when relationships collapse, can lead a person closer to finding real love. Real love cannot be lost or die, it is within everybody; it is the state of being whole and impossible to remove form consciousness.

Love is, in general terms, a range of strong positive emotions that we experience. We can feel love interpersonally, but also to objects and experiences. Everybody experiences love in different ways. Still, it can be difficult to express love if certain obstacles such as the trauma of abuse or negative experiences hold you back. However, these can be overcome through self-work and the development of a greater spiritual understanding of why you face such problems. First and foremost, you must accept that you are worthy of giving and receiving love.

When we place love on something other than being in a state of “love” that is when heartbreak occurs because we become dependent on something for fulfillment. Love doesn’t require anything it just is. Love is the state that so many look for and never seem to find because it is already within and only needs to be uncovered.

What Causes a Life Without Love

Again, every human being is born whole and full of love but somewhere along the way we block part of ourselves off and aren’t whole anymore, this is what causes the lack of love. You cannot come from a place of love if you are not whole, it is impossible. Everybody you have ever talked to or seen or heard has influenced you and depending on the event a little piece of the real you could have been blocked off. It is this behaviour modification that cuts off part of ourselves and the more parts we cut off the less love we feel.


It is imperative that we love ourselves. How can we expect to love other people and be loved in return if we cannot first love ourselves? It can be a hard truth to swallow. Still, self-love is most important because we are our ultimate partner in life and an inability to work as an individual cause tremendous difficulty in coping with life’s challenges.

Struggling to love

Trauma can prevent us from loving fully and wholeheartedly. We may have experienced childhood neglect or abuse or experienced disloyalty in a relationship. The reasons we struggle to love are not limited to specific experiences but can be varied and wide, they are not prescriptive, but they are all equally valid to the individual.

Love for others

Acting lovingly towards others is a brilliant and appropriate way of expressing gratitude for those who do good in our lives. Karmically, by giving out the positivity of love, we can expect to receive positivity in return. It is normal and natural that we should feel love for others, although we experience different types for different people. We think of the closeness of shared experience and a bond of giving and receiving care with family. With friends, bonds are often formed through shared interests and similarities in character. People find love in partners through sexual attraction and through a sense of completion that comes from finding somebody with shared interests, as one would with a friend.

Why do we love?

When we find compatibility with other people, love is a chemical response to enjoying companionship. Love is a natural human emotion that everyone experiences. We actively search out love and attachment to others as part of our life on earth. Humans are not solitary creatures, and as a result, we thrive in communities and feel a need to be close to others.

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