The underlying set of qualities that every human being has. Base characteristic, innate from birth, love, generosity and care. Vital to the human race ensuring it’s long history of surviving and flourishing in so many different environments. Humanity is both the collective human race and the quality of being benevolent.

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What is Humanity?

Humanity is a word to describe the innate qualities of every human being, compassionate, sympathetic, generous, these are all natural instincts of every child that is born whether other emotions occur such as anger or fear they are always from a baseline of love. This is normal for humans and it is only when this is forgotten that people begin to suffer.

The word itself is of Latin descent stemming from the word ‘humanitas’ which literally translates to human nature and kindness. Humanity gives rise to emotion within when a homeless man asks for change or when starving children are on the television, it is the need for things to be ok. It is the desire to do something kind without wanting anything in return and giving unconditionally. It is deeply embedded in human beings and originated as a survival mechanism.  When humans lived in tribes it was imperative that as many people as possible worked to gather food and hunt, if even one person left or was unable to forage it could mean an end to everyone. so, the underlying caring attitude in all the humans helped keep everyone together and alive.

Can our humanity heal the suffering in the world?

To say that the basic human qualities are love and kindness, it would seem strange that there is so much suffering in the world. The sad part is if we are left to our own devices, human beings are raised kind, happy and forgiving but it is social and economic influences that create division and prejudice.

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