Clarity is the feeling of presence and oneness with oneself. It begins with taking ownership of your blocked behaviours. It is living your life with complete harmony between your actions, thoughts, and emotions. The feeling of knowing exactly where you want to go and how to get there.

Imagine having more mental energy to focus available, to use elsewhere on more important things. Mental clarity means conviction; no hesitation when you something is right for you. You will understand your purpose and pursue it.

Which of our Treatments is best suited to aid Clarity?

  • Guided meditation

What does this mean for you?

This state of mind is the solution to that annoying voice in your head. The voice stopping you in your tracks when you try to move in the right direction for you, and your loved ones. Sometimes you can push through it, but this requires effort. 

This behaviour repeated over and over will drain your energy, maybe even causing you to give up. When mental clarity is achieved, you can desire to have something and effortlessly take the actions necessary to get it, no thoughts to battle and no self-sabotaging. Tasks are completed with unimaginable ease, because no energy is being wasted from your mind not being on your side.

Imagine having less irritating or distracting thoughts throughout your day, what would that feel like? You would have a huge amount of mental energy and focus available, this could be used on other things, the things you would prefer to focus on. Mental clarity means no hesitation. When you know what is the right thing to do. You will understand your purpose and pursue it. Mental clarity is a state of extreme engagement without stress. It is a state of being fully awake. 

With clarity comes a deep understanding of what you want, and don’t want in life, you can prioritise with ease. You do what needs to be done to achieve what you really want. You won’t have the desire to procrastinate or avoid tasks because the thoughts that cause this will no longer be an obstacle. You will see things that you like, and do not like and act accordingly. You will recognize your strengths then feel empowered, while being able to acknowledge your weaknesses, so they can be worked on. 

Furthermore, mental clarity involves a very non-judgmental view of reality. You can see reality, without a filter creating unhelpful beliefs and thoughts in your head, but as it actually is or you will see other people facing the obstacles you once had before clarity? you will have the ability to understand your responsibility in these situations and react accurately. 

This means that when your friends don’t invite you out, you don’t panic or become resentful and bitter, but you simply call ask to tag along for the ride. It means that when your child fails an exam in school, you don’t flip out and worry about failing as a parent. You talk, and you work together to find out that they are having trouble with.  The list of scenarios where mental clarity can help is endless.

What is the alternative?

A life without clarity is full of confusion, low confidence and wasted opportunities. Imagine being in a situation where you wake up feeling depressed about the day ahead, wishing you were back in dreamland. Maybe this sounds familiar. If this is you, you don’t have to suffer any longer, you don’t have to let conflicting values and thoughts ruin your life. 

How to avoid pain, and gain clarity of mind

So, how do you achieve this state of mind? How do you get to the point, where you know what you have to do, and how to do it? The best solution is guided meditation. This is the process of delving into your mind, to find out what has been installed into your subconscious. You will find out what is causing you to feel uncertain and foggy. We use several techniques, and force you to be with yourself without any distraction. This may be painful. Good. You have tried escaping your mind and never succeeded. The tough part is that you must do the opposite of escaping; you have to sit down without any distractions for a period of time. A lot of things should start bubbling up. Unpleasant things. Things you don’t want to face. The coach will help you through the process, with the promise that the other side is very bright, so don’t be worried. You may cry, you may feel uncomfortable, but this is good. You need to be proactive and face your subconscious. You will then come out the other side to find clarity, Avoid promises in writing and first person. It is your first time you will feel astounding. 

Next is to put in a few beliefs and ideas, which may help with finding clarity of mind. They will be things that stop you from being afraid, they will prevent depression and stave off anxiety. These feelings were all born from a lack of clarity the binge eating or impulsive shopping is not the answer here, despite what society has told. It’s time to act and create Positivity in your life. If your happiest memories are from childhood, which is the upsetting case for a lot of people, then this is the answer you have been searching for. Start living your life in peace and enjoyment. Start living with clarity.

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