While taking a self-centred approach is more accessible in getting us through the many calamities of life, we will find that acting with consideration for others is a far more excellent way of ensuring that everyone experiences positivity and respect.

What do we mean by being considerate? It means to avoid harming and inconveniencing others, but this provides a rather passive idea of what can be a very active concept. Being considerate to others should mean going above and beyond in our pursuit of positivity, and in turn, passing positivity to others in large doses.

Which of our treatments can best help you be considerate?

  • Guided meditation

Helping others to be positive

In our pursuit of consideration, we need to understand our relationship to positivity and how that can be different to the way other people feel. It is not simply a job of passing positivity to people, but expressing empathy for the situations other people face, whether we understand them or not.

Empathy and consideration go hand in hand. Sometimes we cannot understand what others go through, but the capacity to listen and appreciate the struggles of others is a vital and valuable trait within us as people. Consideration can be as simple as listening and enjoying. We can feel as though we are not helpful if we do this, but sometimes it is how our consideration is best served.

Why is being Considerate so Important?

Consideration is essential because we need to remember the humanity in others and recognise hardship to all move on towards positivity. We may be familiar with the quote ‘treat other people with kindness – everybody is fighting a battle us know nothing about’; this idea allows us to forego negativity and hope the best for everybody. If someone is rude to us or treats us with contempt, we may simply assume, as is often the case, that they are compensating for their problems. As a result, treating others with kindness is a good option, both in an attempt to heal others of their pain and allow easy forgiveness when we feel most frustrated by the behaviour exhibited by other people.

Negativity can easily drag us down. Suppose we do not grow into beacons of positivity for ourselves and others. In that case, we are missing an opportunity to fight the massive amount of negativity in the universe through our skill and ambition, making the world better for us and others

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