In a world where we have pulled in so many directions, searching for a career that we find feasible while also igniting passion within us can be difficult. We must allow ourselves to explore and focus on what inspires and drives us. A career is nothing without enjoyment and motivation. No matter who we want to be admired by or what we have been conditioned to believe, choosing a job that makes you happy to get up in the morning is the first step to success.

Which of our treatments can best help you find your dream career?

  • Guided Meditation

Steps to Obtaining your Dream Career

Self-knowledge is key to establishing what our dream career is. We need to deeply analyse our skills, ambitions, and inspirations to decide how we want to work and why we would be suited to such a role. One tool which may help establish such is guided meditation. Guided meditation expands the mind (and in turn self-knowledge) through thoughtful, patient and clarifying exercises. It helps to know ourselves well if we intend to find ourselves the perfect career.

Often, by studying the self, you can establish what your true purpose is. We live in a world where we are influenced by so many different people and made to feel like we have a specific role in fulfilling, but until we listen to ourselves and adhere to what our mind tells us, we cannot find the path we are supposed to take.

Analyse our skills and see how they apply to careers you are interested in. If we find that we do not have any skills linking to jobs, consider where other skills may be transferable. Perhaps take up some new hobbies or activities to develop skills that we know will benefit us when practically applied. Once again, this is all about determining how much passion we have for the subject and finding the motivation if we must do such a job every day. Once again, self-knowledge helps us understand our specific aptitudes, skills and motivations when searching for a career.

It helps to note down our skills, including the transferable ones, to understand how we will portray ourselves when seeking a job or entering an interview environment. If you can link your skills, passions, and the career we want, we will make a positive and impressive impression on those who are interviewing us. By collating these together, it shows that we are self-assured and aware of the potential we have within your work.

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