Which of our treatments can best help you address you ego?

  • Mindfulness
  • Guided Meditation

While it can be hard to accept, we must rely on ourselves for discipline. Once we have finished school or university and no more vast experience in routine, we can easily slip into bad habits or negative patterns simply for lack of discipline. This is the result of our tendency to rely on others to provide field. The most important step we can take in establishing self-discipline is understanding that we are the primary source of our discipline.

Suppose we genuinely mean to adhere to certain standards or behave in specific ways. In that case, we must first acknowledge our principal role in determining the fate and actions of our own life, and in doing so, take on such responsibility. This can at first seem overwhelming but acclimatising to the idea of taking charge of our lives should not take long and may even provide comfort to some.

How to Develop Discipline

To gain a sustained sense of discipline, we must work on ourselves sympathetically and maintain standards to which we would like to see others. Striking a balance between the two can be tricky, and practice is essential.

Mindfulness is an imperative tool in allowing ourselves to develop good habits and grow awareness of where we go wrong. Through taking time to be mindful, we will enable ourselves to gather thoughts and see things with greater clarity. In mindful practices, we benefit from a decrease in stress and an ability to know ourselves further. This can be highly beneficial when we face challenges and adversity in our day-to-day life. After all, it is easier to develop discipline when times are suitable to apply ourselves well when things are not going.

Guided meditation is an exercise that incorporates mindfulness and other techniques such as controlled breathing and visualisation or affirmation in a way that can be similarly beneficial for developing discipline. By practising guided meditation, the mind is allowed greater clarity and perspective, essential for developing discipline and understanding our flaws. 

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