One key aspect of success that we must recognise is the ability to detach from negativity. Often, it is our feelings or negativity which hold us back from having the courage to reach for our goals or from starting towards them in the first place. Through whichever process works best for us as an individual, we must detach from our negativity to reach forth and continue with our lives.

Which of our treatments can best help you address negativity?

  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation

Causes of Negativity

Negativity is not hard to come by; often, it seems like the world is all doom and gloom. The causes of negativity include stress, including the influence of, but not always, mental health conditions and poor experiences and traumatic events. Finding positivity considering the overwhelming volume of negativity we face, both personally and within communities, is difficult. Still, we must search for silver linings if we wish to better the way we live our lives.

Negativity and Addressing Real Issues

It is crucial to remember that letting our negativity go is that we all have real problems and considerations that we may not like, but we must face regardless. Distinguishing between perceived negativity from the issues you need to solve and absolute negativity from unnecessary, traumatic, or inflicted situations is essential. While we rid ourselves of extreme negativity, we cannot relinquish all responsibility because we perceive that as correct. 

It’s within us.

The power negativity holds over us as an individual is only bad because we let it overwhelm us. This is not our fault, necessarily. We all must deal with a certain amount of negativity, and the way we handle it varies from individual to individual. But the power of negativity is only existent because we give it space within our mind. If we seek to banish negativity, we must first acknowledge that we are the ones who can make or break the feeling.

We can feel overwhelmed by negativity because, like a disease, negativity spreads and proliferates. Before we know it, our negative thoughts can spiral into something we think we no longer have control over.

One technique for effective detachment from negativity is to switch negative self-talk to positive self-talk. This technique works by acknowledging the negative thoughts we have and noting them down before coming up with positive alternatives, reinforcing a positive affirmation about ourselves, something that we struggle to believe due to the negativity we feel. 

Mindfulness & Meditation

The benefit of mindful behaviour, which allows us to notice our thoughts from a distance without paying them any heed, will enable us to detach from the positivity we place upon ourselves. Guided meditation is another tool that can aid in the expelling of negative thoughts through visualisation, affirmation, and the use of the imagination to heighten the force of positivity within the subconscious. While these practices take time to work, the benefit of using mindfulness and meditation techniques can be excellent for those who wish to detach from the negativity that they feel are damaging them.

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