Bullies are individuals who seek to harm or abuse others based on perceiving them as vulnerable. Bullying tends to happen continually, meaning incidences of bullying are rarely isolated or one-offs.

Bullying exists in many different forms. Individual bullying occurs one-on-one, in which an individual chooses to act negatively towards another. Collective bullying involves multiple people acting against an individual who is usually perceived as weak. Bullying exists verbally, physically and online.

Which of our treatments can best help you if you are a bully ?

  • Guided Meditation  

The Traits of Bullies

Bullies often exhibit envy or resentment toward those that they bully. While the person they mock may still be a ‘weak’ individual in their eyes, there is likely something about them that makes bullies jealous or feel bad about themselves.

Some bullies are narcissistic or believe themselves to be above those they bully, as opposed to those mentioned above who use bullying to conceal the idea that they lack something their victim has. Sometimes, those who drive do so due to mental illness or disorders, which cause them to perceive hostility when it is not there or a lack of self-image. What makes a bully is in no way prescriptive, and bullies have near-endless reasons for what they do.

Bystanders are those who allow bullying to take place or act in collaboration with a bully. People may do this out of fear or lack of willingness to stand up for themselves, again displaying a lack of self-image or self-respect.

What must be remembered is that bullying can occur in any age group and is not limited to children. The mentality and culture of bullying is something that can exist throughout life.

The destructiveness of bullying

Bullying can have highly damaging lasting effects on individuals who suffer it. Often bullying victims find their self-esteem wrecked by the continual negativity they face. The belief that you are worthless is a typical result of bullying, causing many of the above problems to worsen. Bullying also often leads to mental health conditions developing if they are exposed to prolonged bullying.

How to stop being a bully

Preventing bullying often requires a certain acceptance for other people and approval for the self. Even bullies who seem to have it all often bully because of what they perceive to be missing in their own lives. Ultimately it is often those who are unhappy in themselves who seek to drag others down. A choice to actively resist negative interaction with others is the only way to end bullying for sure. It can take time to stop projecting negativity but gaining awareness of how you act towards others is a very effective way of grinding your negativity to a halt.

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