Me & my philosophy

My name is Mohammed Arshad and I have worked in the massage industry since 2016. I have completed various courses in massage therapy and I’ve had a keen focus on Tui Na, an effective Chinese medical massage. I completed my qualification in Shulan Chinese College, Manchester.

I have completed various courses in; 

1.  Indian head massage
2. Aromatherapy
3. Reflexology
4. Thai massage
5. Thai seated massage
6. Thai hand & foot massage
7. Thai herbal compressed massage
8. Seated acupressure massage
9. Swedish full body massage
10. Hot stone massage
11. Hot bamboo sticks massage
12. Deep abdominal/ colon massage
13. Natural face lift massage
14. Mayo-facial release
15. Manual lymphatic drainage
16. NMR and PNF stretching
17. Magnet therapy
18. Crystal healing
19. Indonesian massage
20. Lomi lomi hawaiian massage
21. Himalayan hot salt massage
22. Trauma discharge therapy
23. No hands massage (Level 3)
24. Deep tissue massage (Advance level)
25. Eastern cupping therapy (Advance level)
26. Gua Sha treatment (Advance level)
27. Sports massage (Level 3)
28. Tui Na chinese medical massage (Master level)
29. Reiki (Master level)
30. Guided meditation
31. Acupuncture for addiction
32. Hopi ear candling
33. Tai Chi (Chen style)
34. Chi Kung
35. Manicure
36. Pedicure
37. Facial

I am also a qualified therapist in No Hands massage and now on my way to complete the mastery program. No Hands is probably one of the most advanced massage systems in the world which has made me understand how to take care of the whole being of the client (the physical, mental and emotional being too) rather than taking some knots out of the body.

I am fully qualified and insured to offer public professional massage treatments.

My Passion

I am very passionate about the healing touch and believe that regular Massage is absolutely essential for a healthy, happy and successful life.

I began my spiritual journey in 1982 and went through various meditation systems for my personal growth. I am now qualified as a meditation coach in guided meditation to help people in their inner journey of self-discovery.

My passion in assisting others is my strength. I wish to make this world a better place by healing people’s hearts and minds and leave a good path behind me. My philosophy is that this entire world is a home and all the creatures are one family. I believe that prevention is the better option, and is always quicker, easier, simpler and cheaper than the cure.

My contribution to this world is to promote a positive mindset which leads you to peace and happiness. I have a long interest in all natural approaches to health and self-healing.

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