Despite all hardship and tragedy we face, it is essential to recognise and accept the truth. The capacity to own and live with our reality can be exceedingly tricky, especially when we consider judgment from others, our self-judgement, and how we have been conditioned to feel about things.

Similarly, sometimes we must acknowledge that we have been conditioned to believe the wrong things, such as prejudice or hatred through a narrow-minded education or the influence of somebody who was not educated on the matter they were talking about. However we establish the truth, it is vital for our rationality and our grounding as individuals that we live in harmony with the idea of the truth.

What is Truth?

The truth is simply that which works following fact or reality. Often, this means that the concept or thing has been verified to prove it is accurate or truthful. Items that are not true may be considered fantasies, delusions, mistakes or merely errors in judgement. After all, there are some truths that humans still cannot provide answers to. Ultimately, while the truth is still loose in some areas, living according to facts that we can ascertain provides far deeper clarity than living wayward to that which has already been verified. It is up to us as individuals to establish the truth and live in the knowledge that we are held accountable to reality, not directly, but through the consequences of our actions and the way we aim to live.

How Can We Live by Truth?

When so much remains uncertain, the concept of living according to truth can appear something hard to depend on, a flimsy idea in many ways. Despite this, there are certain truths we can rely on. Facts which have been verified, either by science or otherwise, are specific and, in that way, should be relied on. Living according to science provides a rational grounding for us as individuals. Additionally, living by our truths is essential for the enjoyment and satisfaction of life. We know best who we are as individuals, and all have things we are ashamed of or wish to hide. There may be logical reasons to hide certain traits from others, but it is better, more honest, and easier to live by your truth and allow yourself that freedom.

Guided meditation is an excellent way of establishing our truths and familiarising ourselves with universal truths, especially if they may be new or previously unknown. Through guided meditation, the mind is expanded, both in exposure to ideas and perspectives and its ability to accept itself, reason and grow empathy. Guided meditation is a practice that holds the key to enabling a far greater understanding of the truth as a whole, both in a universal sense and emphasising the self and the comfort we find from understanding ourselves.

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