Humans are born whole, with no intention to cause harm. In our natural state, we have an instinctive need for happiness and want to make others feel good. This is often taken away from us by the influence of others and our upbringing. Even if those around us do not wish to cause us harm, sometimes they can unknowingly influence deep emotional traumas within ourselves.

We tend to consider trauma something extreme. We rarely recognise the minor traumas we gain going through life or negate the more extensive traumatic experiences we have without thinking of their effect on us. Traumas experienced in childhood can happen to anyone. Despite a brilliant upbringing, miscommunications and poor reactions to specific situations can determine how much damage you carry into adulthood. As a result, we become inauthentic through a warped sense of how we should behave and react to other people. We lose the feeling of wholeness we once had. Trying to fill our voids often leads us down destructive paths, and sometimes substance abuse is used to numb trauma. To feel good again, we must recognise that we allow ourselves to spiral for fear that we have never been loved or cared for.

Most of us live with our past trauma every day and do not even realise it. You may be so used to the lifestyle you live that you can’t remember what it’s like to be happy or functional. You may start to think that this is just who you are. But it isn’t true. To return to our state of wholeness, we have to stop using means of escapism to forget our past. We have to find out what our deep subconscious is doing and why to reclaim our life.

Ask yourself why you don’t consider yourself enough. Something obvious may come up; a parent who abused you, a friend who mocked you. What’s crucial is that you get to the root of your negative thoughts. Sometimes, it is hard to understand what has caused you trauma, and in these cases, we have to question what makes us feel scared or stifled to work out what beliefs are preventing you from living successfully.

Ar Holistic Therapies offer a new school of thought to help you combat the epidemic of mental suffering that occurs so frequently in modern society. The philosophy behind our treatments is that you can only solve your problems through positivity. Negativity has the power to spread like a virus, filling actions and thoughts with fear and doubt. We must combat this if we wish to be happy. Ar Holistic Therapies intend to prevent this by creating more positive mindsets and beliefs globally, restoring the sense of bliss experienced in early childhood. We seek to cure negativity and, in doing so, improve communities with just the power of your mind.

Healing negativity

Many people experience negative mental conditioning. Growing up, many people are taught to repress feelings, but this usually results in overwhelmingly miserable sensations and experiences of guilt when feelings surface. Ar Holistic Therapy offers solutions to such experiences of negativity and their effect on the thought process. Those new to holistic therapy may be sceptical, but we welcome you to try different things and understand how holistic treatment can help you.

Guided meditation is an effective method of healing negativity. It is designed to work with beginners as well as those more acquainted with meditation. It helps you to dive deeper within yourself and find the root of what makes you feel negative. This will allow you to relieve the negative baggage you carry. While it may be a temporary comfort to use external stimuli to cover up the pain you feel, this is not a sustainable fix for more extended standing negativity within yourself. Guided meditation works subtly when continually practised, creating a consistently more positive experience; only in looking back will you realise how much your worldview has changed

While practising guided meditation, a coach can assist you in performing the processes correctly, aiding your journey into the deep subconscious. After releasing negative beliefs, guided meditation works to replace them with positive ones, allowing you to obtain a more accurate view of the world around you. By fixing your leaning towards self-sabotage, which blocks much of your success in releasing negativity, you will find success more accessible than ever. All of this can be achieved using guided meditation. 

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