A Personal Growth Journey with Guided Meditation

To commit to personal growth, it is essential to challenge your preconceived ideas about yourself and question why you have developed as you have. While it isn’t always pleasant, challenging yourself will lead to a greater level of self-awareness and allow you to discover your true potential. When you commit to personal growth, you begin a life-long journey of development.

Committing to self-development requires passion and willpower. You must confront yourself and acknowledge what you need to change, allowing yourself to let go of old beliefs and patterns that you have clung to. Sometimes we stick to belief systems and lifestyles despite knowing they are false, limited or harmful to us. Learning to challenge yourself positively leads to a healthier, more pleasant experience of living.

Often, we know of ourselves our interpretation of how other people have treated us and how we have been shaped by the society in which we live. Sometimes we fail to know ourselves forever because our identities have been warped. From childhood, we are taught to respect, accept and care for everything but ourselves; often, learning about self-worth and identity is neglected. As a result, we forget to prioritise ourselves. As we grow, our ability to challenge this seems to get more complex.

To unravel this and begin a journey of personal growth, you must first challenge your thoughts. This includes challenging our feelings, goals, choices, fears, our lifestyle and the self-image we are giving out. You must learn to unbecome what has previously been taught to you. Through this, you develop a mind pattern of self-realisation to understand even the parts of yourself that you hide from the world. Self-realisation allows you to conquer fears and provide a sense of inner strength, stability and peace that you previously could not experience. You will become less affected by the comments and criticisms of others because you have already challenged yourself.

Living in the present moment is like living in heaven on earth.

Your inner journey is a path of self-realisation and discovery, an exploration of psychology and personal strength. You will come to a point where you will feel reborn, a feeling of infinite divinity and an ability to experience all extraordinary life on this planet. You will feel like you are giving yourself another chance, and in doing so, discover you are capable of more than you ever realised. Expand your horizons and allow yourself to learn continually. Every step into the depth of your mind will enable you to see the beauty in yourself that you never knew. You will find yourself living with more purpose and gaining a more profound love for yourself. One positive gain leads to another, the opposite of how negativity can snowball into an uncontrollable sense of the mess. By continually challenge yourself, you will expand hugely into further positivity.

While it is easy to remain in your comfort zone and stay stagnated in that space, you have control of your life and can become a better person every day. You will gain a sense of curiosity about where your limits truly lie and, as a result, will find development more straightforward and more accessible. You can achieve anything you want to if you are clear, focused and willing.

If you are interested in personal growth and self-improvement, then we have something in common. It is only through improving ourselves that we shape meaning and make the most out of life. There is never an end to the journey of self-improvement. I am confident that human potential is limitless and that with more growth, we will understand ourselves. Whenever we find things to be good, they could always be even better.

How to be a passionate advocate for growth and continuously look for ways to self-improve:

Overcome your fears

Everybody has fear, and usually, fear represents uncertainty within our lives. Fear is what keeps us in the same position and prevents our growth. In truth, fears reflect areas where change is possible, and in addressing our fears, we can learn to grow. Think of fears as a compass for growth.

Get out of your comfort zone

Being too comfortable leaves us in a state of stagnation and, as a result, prevents us from growing. Real growth requires hard work. It is essential to identify your comfort zone and the patterns of behaviour you have that prevent your growth because they keep you comfortable. Try shaking up your routine and doing things differently, allowing yourself to be exposed to new ideas and grow into unique circumstances. 

Identify your blind spots

In science, blind spots refer to areas where our eyes are incapable of seeing. In personal development, a blind spot refers to a place of ourselves that we are unaware of. Working to identify our blind spots can help us discover where we need to improve.

Acknowledge your flaws

Everybody has flaws, and it is straightforward to dwell on them, but what is most constructive is to focus on spots that you can constructively work on. What weaknesses can you work on now? How would you choose to address them?

Stop procrastinating

The best way to change and grow is to take action. What is something you have been putting off? How can you resolve to take action? Taking action will provide you results from which you can immediately learn.

Allow yourself to be inspired

Think about people you admire or inspire you and the steps they take towards growth. Reflect on their positive qualities and how you can emulate such attributes within yourself.

Bad Habits

Bad habits are quickly fallen into a state of stagnation and hard to quit because that requires growth. Think about small things you can do to improve your bad habits and work from there. Consider oversleeping, laziness, poor time management, slouching, nail-biting, smoking.

Dealing with negative people

Do not allow yourself to be dragged down by people who do not make you want to improve yourself. There are bound to be plenty of negative people who you encounter throughout your life, but you can choose whether they influence you or not.

Sometimes it is hard to avoid difficult people, but you must do your best not to let these people affect your state of mind or your goals for self-improvement.

Get a mentor or coach

Having somebody work with you towards your goals is a quicker and more reliable way of achieving significant results.


Meditation improves your mental clarity and develops a more profound sense of consciousness, as well as calming you. The process of clearing mental clutter is highly liberating.

Let go of the past

It is essential to forgive yourself. Holding onto past grievances or unhappiness can prevent you from growing and developing yourself. By letting go of unhealthy memories and experiences, you can move on.

Commit to self-improvement

If you cannot commit to a journey of personal growth, nothing will help you develop. We are all responsible for our personal development; nobody else can force us. Even starting with a few small steps is a constructive way of working towards a better you.

Self-love Try doing one thing a day to express self-love. You do not need validation from anybody else to prove you are worthy of good things. Self-love comes from within, but it is essential to make it a practice. We don’t always want to be our own best friend, and often we feel like our own worst enemy, but we can actively introduce the practice of self-love and, by putting ourselves first, introduce a better way of living. Prove to yourself that you deserve care and attention.

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