Consider your mind like a screen. What plays on that screen determines the kind of life you live and the experiences you meet. To change your life, you have to change what is playing on the net.

The world we have created is a product of our thinking, and in turn, we cannot change our world without altering the way we think. You needn’t worry about fixing your problems; if you focus on fixing your thinking, you will find that the problems fix themselves.

The power of thought is most easily explained like this: Watch your thoughts, for they become words. Watch your comments, for they become actions. Watch your actions, for they become habits. Watch your habits, for they become character. Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny. Your thoughts are the architects of your future.

The power of thought is a creative power

The power of your thought is something that can be trained and honed to benefit you. If you plant seeds and give them what they need, they will grow healthy and strong. Like seeds, thoughts will develop and manifest if you feed them correctly.

Thoughts pass from the conscious to the subconscious mind, influencing actions indirectly. Ideas are infectious and pass from mind to mind, influencing others into a similar mindset. The power of thoughts over collective minds may seem strange and hard to believe. You do not need to accept this to analyse your thoughts and conclude that they are mighty. Your mind is part of the universe’s creative power, meaning your thoughts work following the universe. The repetition of thought manifests your intention through the universe.

Using the power of thought effectively is an act of ‘practical daydreaming’.

The problem with negative thoughts

Plant the seeds of failure, and failure will follow.

Your mind is constantly producing thoughts. Have you ever taken time to observe your thoughts simply? If not, you may benefit from assessing your mindset and taking the opportunity to change any negative thought patterns you have. Continually thinking negatively about yourself can affect your emotions and, in turn, your behaviour.

If you are continually thinking thoughts like, ‘I’m no good, ‘I’m a failure, ‘I’m not smart enough, ‘no one likes me’, these thoughts will affect your self-esteem, and as you dwell on them, you can lose your sense of self-worth. If you are constantly thinking negative thoughts, you are more likely to be dealing with sadness, depression, apathy and anxiety. Sometimes you may feel hopeless as a result of constantly letting negative thoughts control you.

Benefits of using the power of thought

If constructive thoughts are planted, positive outcomes will be the result.

  1. Optimism is known to boost physical health and mental and is known to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  2. Pessimism can lead to anxiety and other mental health conditions. Positivity can be effective in reducing stressors that may negatively affect your mental health.
  3. Positive thinkers are more likely to develop positive relationships with others and increase the satisfaction found in relationships. With less negative thinking, you can focus more on the positive aspects of your life.
  4. By disallowing your mind to focus on negativity, you are likely to age better. The health benefits of positivity can increase the length of life as well.
  5. A positive mental attitude will allow you to shed negative habits and, as a result, care for your body better. Positivity can influence your attitudes towards healthy eating, exercise and rest.

Changing your thoughts

Once you understand how your thoughts affect your emotional wellbeing and behaviour, it becomes essential to know how to change the thought patterns you experience from negative to positive. This is a job that requires discipline and commitment but can yield a far improved sense of positivity.

A good starting point is to observe your thoughts and record the negative thoughts you find recurring. Write positive affirmations that oppose your negative thoughts and speak those affirmations as often as possible. If you think ‘I’m not good enough to get what I want, practice the affirmation, ‘I am worthy of what I desire’. Over time this technique can alter your thought patterns, and you will catch yourself before you have a negative or self-critical thought and can change it.

It is an exciting prospect to know that you can change your thought patterns and fend off your own negative opinions. It is good to spend time gauging your thoughts and noting what ideas come to you often. Creating a positive affirmation list to recite daily is a great habit to gain.

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