We all need passion in life to achieve our goals. Love provides motivation, and it ensures perseverance for the causes we are so dedicated to. Choosing to live according to what makes us passionate is wise, and guaranteeing motivation and determination is what’s most likely to keep us happy through life.

Why do we need passion?

Passion is, in many ways, fulfilment. It is the satisfaction of experiencing enjoyment. A life lived without a sense of passion can feel empty, frigid and uninteresting. If you don’t find passion in your life, you’ll find it lacklustre and dull. If your life is hard, but you’re passionate about what you do, you’ll find yourself lifted by the passion you have into a more positive mindset.

How do we find passion?

Finding passion starts with looking for what you enjoy and doing more of it. Often, we lose sight of what we want as adults because of peer pressure, the impression that we must have a serious job and emphasise our employability to others. But the challenge is to get back to the roots of what we enjoy to feel the passion in our lives. What makes us happy and what used to make us happy before we stopped feeling passionate often leads us to establish our passion.

Explore different avenues within your life. If you are afraid that you are living a passionless life, it’s essential to try new activities and explore new hobbies. The exploration of different ideas and skills will enable you to open your mind to a broader view of what it means to be happy, as well as potentially finding your passion through these means. Conversely, do not be afraid of stopping something if you feel like it inhibits your ability to be happy or passionate. While this can be difficult and controversial, your ability to handle successful and essential often rests on your capacity to feel passionate about something. As a result, if we think that something is making us miserable or devoid of passion, it is up to us to change that and improve our life.

What matters above all is that you do not allow anybody to discourage you from something if you feel like you are genuinely passionate about it. We spend much of our lives warped into mindsets by others because it seems logical or easy. Our peers, parents and society as a whole may be dragging us in a specific direction, but to find passion often, you have to break loose.

Guided Meditation

Guided meditation allows us to think profoundly and establish our priorities through a sense of newfound clarity. Passion can be found through the analysis of our deep subconscious, often reached only within meditation and by thinking carefully about what happiness means to us. Guided meditation provides an opportunity to find all of these. Furthermore, guided meditation to improve the mood and realign us with positive thought patterns allows us to feel greater passion both in our activities and day-to-day life. This enrichment can be a direct result of the effects of guided meditation.

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