According to a set of principles of a particular philosophy or belief system, morality means behaving correctly. People tend to associate their character with being good or right. It can be hard to understand what is morally correct or what moral philosophy we should adopt. Sometimes we live our life thinking something is valid until a sudden epiphany or specific circumstances cause us to rethink our stance on certain moral issues.


When navigating morality, it is helpful to be open-minded in exploring different avenues of thought. It can be harmful to judge people based on their beliefs rashly. It can help to have discussions and start discourses on matters you do not understand, rather than jumping to conclusions if you are unsure. Guided meditation is a valuable tool to improve open-mindedness and understand the nature of the universe from a distance which can provide perspective and value.


To think something is immoral is a short description for a particular stance, but perhaps at times, we feel that this is a justified opinion to take. Our view of bad behaviour is often motivated by our experiences and the pains we have faced ourselves.

Is there a particular morality?

Most people conclude that there is no objective morality, a viewpoint likely drawn from the sheer variety of cultures and backgrounds which inform individual’s beliefs across the world. While everybody has their sense of moral or not, most people also believe that specific actions (for example, murder) are always wrong. Even this is considered debatable at times. What matters above all is that you use self-knowledge and empathy to establish your understanding of what you think morality to be, and in doing so, understand that others may not share that viewpoint.

Our upbringing and culture may dictate that certain ideologies or beliefs are wrong. Still, ultimately it is up to us to turn the tide on hateful behaviour and establish a morality that relies on our intuitive understanding of the value of positivity and love within the universe.

Guided Meditation

“Know thyself” – Socrates

A mentor will help you establish yourself within the framework of guided meditation and assist you in assessing your thoughts and the roots behind your thoughts. Through this process, you may find that you can unravel the method with which you came to your understanding of morality and the influences that we have relied on, whether out of comfort and fear. Analysing ourselves through guided meditation often allows us to see that our thoughts and understanding of the universe were entirely biased, often by no fault of our own, skewing the processes of thinking that we believed to be rational.

Guided meditation is known to be particularly mind-expanding in terms of how it allows thoughts to come and go without judgement. The ability to process ideas and resist passing the immediate decision on them will enable you to obtain a far more open-minded consideration of the motivations of other individuals based on their lives and the experiences that have shaped their idea of morality.

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