We all strive to be the best we possibly can and attain the best conscious state available to us in life. What does it mean to live in the highest form of mind, though? To live in a higher state of consciousness means gaining more awareness than simply living in our typical conscious cycle of waking or sleeping.

Conscious vs Subconscious

The conscious is what we experience in our waking hours. We rely on our five senses for the perception of the world as we know it. Comparatively, the subconscious is built up of areas of thought which do not directly involve us. We are affected by the subconscious, whether in our desires or fears, but we are almost always unaware of it. This part of the mind is uncertain and unknown, meaning it is unpredictable how it may react to events. These two aspects of the mind work closely together to form the thought behind our actions and emotions.

Why Expand Your Consciousness?

Many believe it is beneficial to expand to a higher state of mind because perceiving only by sensory means; we become too reliant on the material wealth of the sensory world we live in. By detaching to a higher mindset, we enable ourselves to see something grander and more infinite. We must seek to strike a balance between sensory and higher consciousness. If we are to draw to the sensory world, we will become greedy; if we are too attached to ideas of something higher, we will become delusional. We must remain grounded in our search for higher consciousness.

The Higher State

The higher consciousness can be described as knowing that we are, without knowing where we are or why we are known as the most profound sense of relaxation. Attaining this state of peace can be done through meditation. Meditation steadies breathing and expands the mind while enabling us to go beyond the sensory world and connect to our deeper selves.


The power of meditation to enable self-knowledge is something that cannot be overstated. Using reflection, we can gain tremendous insight into our mind’s inner workings and realise a higher state of consciousness that does not rely on anything else for existence. We can attain pure actuality through the regular practice of meditation, which is beneficial for both our mental and physical wellbeing. When we live in a higher state of mind, we feel that we have more significant opportunities and optimism and be less controlled by fear as a side-effect of detaching from the sensory world we inhabit.

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