A belief system that is mostly positive. These are beliefs a person has about themselves and the world. If they are not under control of these beliefs they will be destroyed by them. A mindset is the reason things come effortlessly to some and others struggle miserably. A positive mindset is the key to creating a light and joyful life.

What is a positive mindset?

Is there someone you know that seems to live life effortlessly?

They pass exams with ease, they always get what they want and they seem to be the energy of the room. We all know someone like this. The whole reason they are this way is because of a positive mindset. These people are lucky; they have had a positive upbringing where things like discipline, commitment and other helpful behaviors were encouraged. This means that the beliefs they have about themselves, the world and other people are mostly positive. The one that has the biggest effect on your life right now are the beliefs about yourself. Someone with a positive mindset would fully believe without a doubt; they are of value, worthy of a beautiful girl, deserve to be heard, can achieve great wealth etc. Simply put, a positive mindset is a set of beliefs that create a happy and fulfilled life.

What is a negative mindset?

Imagine being in a situation where you are walking on eggshells, never feeling relaxed.

This is what life is like with a very negative mindset. Like the positive mindset, it is made up of strongly held beliefs, however unlike the positive mindset; these beliefs do not serve the person and often, make every aspect of their lives worse. The mindset causes a decline in self-esteem leading to anxiety, depression and in extreme cases, suicide. This mindset causes people to focus on things and thoughts that make them feel miserable, all in order to abide by their beliefs that they do not even know they have.

A positive mindset creates…

  • High self-worth

  • High sense of value

  • Expressiveness

  • Assertiveness

  • High Self-respect

  • Confidence

  • Focus on solutions

  • Living purposefully

  • Present to the moment

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