When we consider the type of society we live in, we must think about the attributes we want to see in ourselves and how they might reflect within our wider communities. An emphasis would be held on positivity and conflict resolution in an ideal society instead of creating division and unrest amongst people with different ideologies and nature. To thrive in a community setting, we must develop our sense of tolerance and ability to be open-minded to deal with the variety of people we encounter and how we interact with them fairly and reasonably.


When we think about positivity in the broader setting, we may consider how we can encourage others to move away from negativity and allow the positivity to flow within their own life. We need to let other people handle their problems healthily, creating support networks that encourage openness in conversation and allowing for the creation of a more healthy and helpful society in general.

Conflict Resolution

Being able to work towards conflict resolution is highly important to conduct an ideal society. When we can act agreeably and use effective communication to sort out our differences, we enable both a future with less fear of conflict and a present that can be dealt with. Our awareness of ourselves and how we treat other people also play a large part in how effectively we can resolve conflict and understand other people’s emotional needs and fears.


Learning to appreciate and understand the difference is possibly the single most significant aspect of community development that is needed. Suppose we can thrive with the diversity of a community rather than arguing and tearing others down based on our differences. In that case, we will find that we form better relationships and grow into more well-rounded, open-minded individuals with a better viewpoint of the world we live in.


Being open-minded will allow us to develop this sense of tolerance and engage in different communication styles with people we previously were unaware of in such a profoundly affecting way. Whether appreciating other cultures or understanding the differences in ideas resulting from our various environments, we all can grow into open-minded people with great respect for all humans and their ideas, beliefs, and practices. Tolerance and open-mindedness go hand in hand to create a compelling landscape for change and positive, progressive development in society.

Guided Meditation

The practice of guided meditation allows us to engage within ourselves with these different characteristics and understand how we are connected to other people within society through these concepts, acknowledging our flaws and our reasons for struggling to move past specific issues. Suppose we can develop positive and tolerant traits within ourselves. In that case, we will be able to engage positively with other people. Not letting negative aspects of our character or poor judgment affect how we treat individuals or influence our minds. We have the power to develop our behaviour in a way that can aim to form an ideal society. 

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