All types of relationships find fulfilment in wholehearted love and satisfaction in each other. Whether the relationship is a friendship, a marriage, something in between, we need to find love and joy to feel happy. Below are some traits and ideas which instil positivity and happiness into our relationships.


Arguably one of the essential characteristics of a relationship, trust enables us to have a solid foundation to grow from each other. Often, we must build trust to sustain it within a relationship. Without trust, we will grow insecure and unhappy in our relationships, constantly restless at the possibility of losing one another or of something going wrong.


To build and maintain a relationship, good communication is imperative. Despite this, it is something often overlooked. We need to act with honesty and respect towards one another to understand and empathise with what we all go through in life. Communicating well will prevent conflict from arising or escalating and control ourselves because of said understanding.


Part of a healthy and ideal relationship is having enough patience for peace, flexibility, and support for one another. Impatience creates negative dynamics, which suggest a lack of support for one another, potentially leading to a breakdown of communication breakdown and errors in judgement about the relationship. Having patience with each other also promotes understanding and factors in the fundamental needs of the other person, which are likely different to yours.


Everyone deserves a degree of appreciation in their life. Letting people in your relationships know that we appreciate and understand what they do can go a long way to boost somebody’s self-esteem and increase their positivity, strengthening the relationship. With this comes an understanding that in our relationships, we have the power to make people incredibly happy just by expressing positivity and engaging with their interests.

Respect and Reciprocity

Having respect for others ensures that your behaviour and actions are performed with their best interests at heart. We need to appreciate what others do for us, acknowledge it, and act our best for others, which is where reciprocity comes in. We need to try our best to engage with other people, like how they have engaged with us out of fairness and care for their emotional wellbeing.

Guided Meditation

The power of guided meditation allows us to understand and emulate positive traits in others for our good and theirs. We can grow as people by developing a more positive sense of self and reflecting that our relationships provide these good traits to strengthen ourselves and others. Learning to love ourselves and love others unconditionally will help us to develop a stronger bond with other people and allow us to appreciate the value and gifts others provide to our life.

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