This is a term that seems vague, but it means to have the ability to act decisively and with awareness for the decisions we are making. When we fail to do this, it can impact our lives negatively and cause others to use us for their means. Hence we must value firmness.

Our ability to develop ourselves into more positive people may include a sense of firmness that will make us better leaders, decision-makers, and thinkers.

Lack of Firmness

When we exhibit a lack of firmness, others will find it easier to take advantage of our weaknesses. A lack of firmness will mean a lack of decisiveness and a lack of respect gained for our inability to take firm stances in conversations. If we feel like we are not good at making healthy decisions, it may impact our self-esteem or increase our feelings of negativity. Gaining awareness for ourselves and establishing how to gain self-esteem and create more firm decisions will help us. It also helps to have a strong sense of personal identity and understand how we can make decisions that please us and earn the respect of others.

Benefits of Being Firm

When we can act with firmness, we will find ourselves gaining self-respect and self-esteem. Our ability to make firm decisions increases our stability and enables us to feel like we control our lives. It also makes us less easy to manipulate, and as a result, you are less likely to fall foul to people with negative influences upon us. Learning about ourselves and delving into firm decision making can help us establish how we can gain these benefits and develop a strong sense of self that allows us to act firmly.

Guided Meditation

Guided meditation provides the inner psyche insight that allows us to develop a firmer sense of character, preventing negative experiences such as manipulation and being treated without respect. It should not be the responsibility of people to avoid being manipulated but developing an exterior that avoids manipulation can be very helpful. Guided meditation provides techniques like visualisation, affirmation and mindfulness, which allow us to take time out and focus on ourselves, enabling personal development that can improve our cognitive skills and aspects of ourselves such as decision making and character building which will help us to develop greater firmness of character.

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