One of the secrets to a healthy, successful life is balance. Balance means finding modesty, humility, and grounding within yourself to flourish; it means accepting the good with grace and coping with the harmful effects.

Many of us struggle with balance. We feel we have been pulled in a certain direction, or as though perhaps we are just destined to live in a certain way. Many of us suffer from temptation or addiction, which alters our mindset and affects our ability to live with balance. Seeking balance is a gradual process, but one which is certainly attainable for all.

Mental Balance

In seeking mental balance, we should think of what we find enjoyable and practical. We cannot live merely according to one of these measures. Life is about balance, in that we require to find joy and stability, and only then will we find happiness. It can be challenging with peer pressure, fear, and anxiety, but mental balance provides clarity like nothing else. Pleasure and practicality must be considered equal if we are to succeed; each component is vital to our psyche, and the two bolster one another, despite their differences.

Emotional Balance

Negative and positive emotions occur within us all, but managing the sensations we feel provides us with the power we need to grow happy, healthy, and wise. To ease negativity, we need to behave mindfully. Taking time to act with mindfulness enables us to recognise, without emotion, how our emotions affect us. This provides a robust understanding of our psyche and how we can appear to be our own worst enemy when it comes to negative emotions. Positive emotion can be developed through affirmation and visualisation to replace negative cycles of thinking from recurring. 

Spiritual Balance

The challenge of spiritual balance is to try and develop ourselves whilst managing to remain grounded within ourselves. While we cannot know the mysteries of the universe, our curiosity leads us to seek out spiritual practice and develop a more profound knowledge of within with hopes of finding out what lies beyond us. This practice can be holistically and with various techniques, but remaining grounded while doing so is essential. Practising mindfulness, staying alert to current events and the world around us, and retaining close personal relationships with loved ones are all actions that allow us to remain grounded despite a spiritual journey.

Guided Meditation

Guided meditation allows us to find and strike a balance within our lives through simple activities, which we can develop with patience over time. By growing balance through guided meditation, we can remain acutely aware of how we are developing and why we need the balance we seek within ourselves. Help with guided meditation can be found through the help of a trained mentor who can assist in our personal development through various techniques, allowing for an adequate understanding of how we can gain balance as an individual.

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