Passion is the energy in your veins, the aliveness in your eyes. Without passion, we are not living authentically and constantly putting on a mask to please others. As soon as we become our true selves our passion will become obvious and we will be able to live a truly amazing life.

Which of our treatments can best help you  learn about passion?

What is Passion?

This is where true happiness comes from in life. It is knowing your purpose and becoming a certain way towards it. Passion pushes us to achieve our dreams and allows us to find opportunities that make us the best we can be. However, passion can only be used when you are being your authentic self, if you don’t know how to do this, then don’t worry as you are not alone. Almost everyone is conditioned to be anything but their authentic self, therefore they cannot do what comes naturally to them. If you are not authentic you are not in alignment with who you are and your passion for life will suffer because of it. Imagine being able to do what you love forgetting about time and becoming truly present. This is what passion provides.

Your work is no longer “work” because it is exciting, rewarding and fun. To live with passion, one must first learn to express their true thoughts, opinion, convictions and never put on a mask. Passion comes from living a life that you want, not one that someone or society has told you to live.

The Strength of Passion

Tasks no longer need to be done from desperation and fear but from inspiration and happiness. You will be able to put more hours in but feel more alive. You will lose track of time and there’s a bigger chance that you will do something that helps other people thus improving the world by just being your authentic self. Obstacles will seem much smaller because of the intense desire to achieve your passions. With passion comes confidence to be true to ourselves and live in a more whole way.

Benefits of passion

  • Excitement

  • Courage

  • Determination

  • Positivity

  • A Growth-Oriented mindset

  • Self-Motivation

  • Generosity

  • Increased Life satisfaction

  • Happiness

  • Fun

  • Authenticity

Passion allows for a certain excitement about life allowing you to do what you want to do without anybody giving you orders. If you are passionate you instantly become more courageous and confident as you fully believe in what you are doing. This makes you do almost anything for your passion. A strong love for what you are doing creates massive determination and positive action, allowing you to simply find another doorway instead of giving up on your dreams.

With a more passionate belief system in your subconscious, you will begin to develop a growth-oriented mindset giving you the ability to stay away from victim thinking and focus on the things that will actually help you to achieve your goals. Plus you will never indulge in perfectionism and you will always be motivated. Passion allows you to achieve your dreams in a much more light and fun way unlike most people who are living day to day just surviving, hoping for time to go quicker so they can get back to escaping their lives.

A Life without Passion

Someone who is living a life without passion will feel stuck and depressed. They will have zero motivation and their relationships, work and health will suffer from it. If you are unhappy and unfulfilled in your current relationship or job, staying in it will not only continue to make you unhappy, but you are also not allowing yourself the opportunity to realize your full potential. You will have to figure out why you are staying this way, what beliefs do you have that could be keeping you here?

A life without passion

  • No motivation
  • Procrastination
  • Toxic relationships
  • Bad diet
  • Health concerns
  • Addiction
  • Poverty
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Loneliness

Without passion, there is a complete lack of positive motivation. You will only be motivated by fear and pressure which mean creativity is cut off and procrastination is inevitable. Your relationships will become toxic as you will be too focused on yourself to have a passion for the authentic needs of the relationships. Plus you will be unable to live a healthy lifestyle causing you to binge on alcohol and other drugs in an attempt to escape your life. You will never be able to gain wealth with the constant weight of depression and anxiety on your shoulders. This is not a pleasant life and one that can only lead to misery and loneliness.

How to Use Passion to Change

Passion is essential to achieve the life of your dreams, without it you will surely self-sabotage and give up. Passion is necessary to change, gain a loving relationship and increase your wealth; however, if you are not being authentic to your true self you will never become passionate.

To become passionate you must first find out why you are not able to express your true self. What parts of yourself have you locked away because your parents or society told you to do so? The best way to do this is through guided meditation, this involves sitting down and uncovering the beliefs you have that block your authenticity. When you have become aware of them we work on releasing them during our sessions. Next, we install some more positive beliefs that work with your true self, after this you will be able to see your purpose and what you must do, allowing you to experience the passion that so many others lack.

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