Balance allows the world to be in complete harmony, without it your life will be full of torment and misery.  Master balance in your mind, body, and relationships and you will live a truly happy life.

“Life is no more than a dewdrop balancing on the end of a blade of grass” – Buddha.

Which of our Treatments is best suited to aid your balance? 


What is a Balanced Life?

A balanced life consists of a couple of things that are in complete harmony with each other. If even one of them is too off balance it can have drastic effects on the quality of someone’s life. First, is internal balance? This is where the mind, heart, and health are in the correct place. The second is external balance, where things like work, social life, family and fun need to be considered. All of these aspects are necessary for a balanced life and it all starts with the beliefs system you have about each of them. If you subconsciously believe that you shouldn’t be healthy then you won’t be. On the flip side if you believe that you must be healthy at all costs then this will damage you in other ways. You see, there needs to be a balance.

Life without balance

A life without balance is difficult with more emotional struggles. 

The mind becomes weak, nervous and uncomfortable you begin to worry what other people think of you and the voice inside telling you are worthless becomes louder and louder the more you neglect your it. likewise the mind could become burnt out and you feel tired and fatigued with zero motivation. 

Externally, if work is lacking or there is too much work in a person’s life it will either cause them to have poor finances or leave them exhausted. If there isn’t enough of a social life then you can become depressed, lonely and anxious.

How to become more balanced?

A balanced life should come naturally if you are being your real self, however, it may have been conditioned out of you from years of outside influence. This can cause the balance to be lost and we have to consciously work to keep it together, this is very tiring. The best thing you can do to get a more balanced life is to reconnect with that authentic self and remove some of the negative beliefs you have gathered. A good way to do this is with guided meditation where we sit and relax into ourselves to see what comes up, sometimes it can be positive but if you are reading this, it will most likely be negative and that is a good thing. This means we can release them much easier when these beliefs are at the surface. We also use a positive thinking programme to get you to remember some of the original beliefs you had about yourself and the ideas of living with balance.

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