Jealousy generally refers to the feelings of envy and insecurity which result from the comparison of others. While jealousy is something normal and which everybody experiences from time to time, we must not allow it to become an overwhelming or reactive problem in our lives.

Which of our treatments can best help you address jealousy?

  • Guided Meditation

How to Identify It

Once we experience jealousy, we may feel anger, resentment, feelings of inadequacy, envy or disgust. These symptoms of jealousy will not make us feel any better about the present situation. At times allowing ourselves to feel jealousy over a situation or event may be a convincing way of getting over a problem, but ultimately it will not help us to feel better and may propel us into further negativity regarding a situation we likely cannot change.

The Cause

There are plenty of reasons why we might feel jealousy. Sometimes it’s a fear of loss, or suspicion/anger about a particular situation, or our self-esteem getting in the way or rational thinking, alternativity feelings like uncertainty and distrust can cause us to experience jealousy as well. We may also feel jealous because of feelings of inferiority or longing for things we cannot have. We may simply resent our circumstances and wish ill towards those who have what we cannot have. While this isn’t healthy, it can sometimes be understandable.

Negative Effects of Jealousy

Jealousy can make us into incredibly negative people. If we are constantly dwelling on the successes of others and our own misfortunes, we are not going to succeed or be happy in our own right. By focussing on ourselves and our own self-improvement allows us to engage in positivity and live healthier lives that do not depend on misfortune for joy. When we detach from the lives of others and start emphasising the importance of our own, we can grow and move forwards, perhaps attaining things that once caused jealousy within us. Ultimately, we must realise that, we are not going to achieve or obtain anything through jealousy. It is simply a waste of time.

Benefits of Overcoming Jealousy

When we overcome jealousy, we have far greater freedom to live our lives for ourselves and not have to find so much concern in the way other people are living. Expending energy on things which waste our time is neither good nor healthy and the sooner we can overcome it, the better. With a lack of jealous grows maturity and an understanding that everybody in life has a unique perspective. We can improve our patience and learn to make good what we have rather than searching for more. Overcoming jealousy improves our lifestyle altogether.

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